ACTIONspot: The Space Where Engineering and Business Begins

San Jose, CA – NOVEMBER 1, 2016 – ACTIONspot is a workspace and incubator offering engineering and development resources, mentoring, partnership opportunities, plus business development and sponsorship assistance for cutting edge entrepreneurs.  These services are geared toward startups that are looking to bring their ideas to market. 

ACTIONspot is focused on the most impactful services that emerging companies need, including a portfolio of key technical and engineering resources for product and service development.  Resources such as systems architects, data scientists, and software developers can be difficult to compete for and hire.  ACTIONspot’s model gives flexible access to these resources, as well as strategy, marketing, funding, manufacturing, and operations services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Located in Silicon Valley’s center of innovation, ACTIONspot connects selected startups to a network of early adopters and founders.  The workspace is a hub of hosted pitch events, conferences, meetings, and startup development activity.  Together with investor exposure, ACTIONspot fosters the collaboration and ecosystems needed for growth. 

The ACTIONspot team is made up of professionals   who have had success across a range of fields.  “The vision is to create a place where entrepreneurs can collaborate, exchange ideas, and pitch to investors on a regular basis. We empower lean startups and founders to build their products and scale up these ideas.  The support and expertise of business and engineering experts is essential, and that is the focus of ACTIONspot in building great teams.”  Olga Buchonina, Founder and CEO. 


ACTIONSpot was founded with the mindset of bringing out the best in Silicon Valley.  The ACTIONspot workspace is an environment where entrepreneurs can be successful in exploring means for solving problems for the product they are developing.  Access to a  full scale solution including business, marketing, sales and engineering resources, which are available at their fingertips,  give investors a solid level of confidence in their investment.

Media Contact
Company Name: ACTIONspot Corp.
Contact Person: Jessica Ching
City: San Jose
State: California
Country: United States