The Hypothyroid Writer: This Book Will Help Take Back Creativity After A Thyroid Diagnosis

Zimmerman, MN – October 31, 2016 – A thyroid condition affects one’s energy production. This cold, scientific explanation fails to include the devastating toll that a thyroid malfunction might take on one’s ability to think clearly, create, and produce works of art.

Sarah Lentz has penned a groundbreaking ebook, titled The Hypothyroid Writer: Seven daily habits that will heal your brain, feed your creative genius, and help you write like never before, exploring the symptoms many a writer experiencing thyroid issues might have, as well as delving into how these symptoms affect one’s work output and daily life.

Mrs. Lentz urges fellow writers to not give up. Taking control of their condition is only the first step towards achieving overall wellbeing. Outlining the challenges those with hypothyroidism face, she highlights the importance of what many with the condition have found to be a therapeutic outlet to cope with their predicament: writing.

In the second part of the book, Mrs. Lentz proposes seven daily habits that sufferers may pick up on, in their quest to find reprieve from their bodily disturbances and spiritual upheavals. Through following these simple, ingenious tips, Mrs. Lentz, as well as scores of readers suffering from hypothyroidism, have developed coping mechanisms which help them thrive, against all odds.

One’s passion for writing should not be hampered by an underperforming thyroid. By supplementing medical treatment with a set of daily techniques, which strengthen the soul and sharpen the mind, aspiring writers can achieve their creative goals, unimpeded by hormonal imbalances.

The ebook, which debuted on October 20th, 2016, has already resonated with thousands of hypothyroidism sufferers across the country. The author has set up a book-related blog, wherein readers are encouraged to share their stories, expand on their journey of being a writer while living with the condition, as well as to provide their own advice on what has sustained them throughout their quest to lead a creative, productive life while dealing with an uncooperative thyroid.

The Hypothyroid Writer is set to become a literary milestone, as it is the first book to focus on the direct effects of this condition on human creativity. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to read the ebook, and become acquainted with how this creative impediment can, indeed, be overcome.

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