ChessPrize Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Promote PlayPhiona

ChessPrize is the name of a chess playing website. PlayPhiona is the first project of ChessPrize, a website that encourages the learning and playing of chess.

Chess Prize started as a website dedicated to helping people learn and play chess.  With many sites that allow for playing chess, no rewards were given for learning.  Chess Prize hopes to change that with a site that rewards players.

A new Disney movie about an African girl named Phiona Mutesi, called the Queen of Katwe, from a Ugandan slum who learns to play chess has been released and is the inspiration for PlayPhiona.  Phiona Mutesi wins the competition and becomes the #1 chess player in Africa.

As children learn to play chess, the will have free and fun resources that challenge the brain.  Partnered with the team behind the new Disney movie Queen of Katwe, the new site allows players a chance to meet and greet Phiona in person.  

There are five levels of play on

• Level 1 – Phiona just discovered chess and she joins the other kids in the Ugandan slum to learn how to play chess.  Robert, the coach, guides the children as they learn.  The introductory videos on this level allow players to watch professional chess videos from chess national masters.

• Level 2 – Phiona participates against elite school students in the Father Grimes Tournament.  This level allows players to practice checkmate skills with a series of make a mate and checkmate challenges.

• Level 3 – Phiona wins the International Chess Children’s Tournament heal in Sudan, brings back the gold medal, and rides on an airplane for the first time.  In an extension of level 2, more challenges are provided with additional make a mate and checkmate problems.

• Level 4 – Phiona is ready to play in the 2010 Chess Olympiad.  In this level, a series of checkmate in N moves puzzles are available to solve.

• Level 5 – The ultimate prize is available at level 5—a one on one chance to meet and play a game of chess with Phiona!  An online tournament among the finalists who have completed the previous levels is played and the winners get a chance to play Phiona in person in a private event.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at, offers pledge levels from $25 to $500, with rewards including everything from a basic chess set, The Queen of Katwe book, lifetime access to, and a real African drum from Uganda.  

For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

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