Dr. Doherty Announces the Arrival of NovaThreads to Boston!

The only FDA-approved PDO non-surgical thread facelift treatment is now available in his downtown Boston and Brookline, MA locations.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Sean Doherty, MD is among the few physicians in the greater Boston area to offer the NovaThreads facelift treatment to clients in his downtown Boston and Brookline, MA locations.

This non-surgical treatment is the only FDA-approved PDO (polydioxanone) available for facial rejuvenation. The ultimate goal of the procedure is to stimulate the long-term production of collagen, all while supporting youth-enhancing facial contours.

“I’m so pleased to introduce my patients to this fantastic non-surgical facelift treatment,” says Dr. Doherty. “It’s a great alternative to the traditional treatments and for patients who will not have surgery. The procedure only takes about 45 minutes to perform, but it helps create a pleasantly youthful contour that helps address loss of facial volume.”

The NovaThreads procedure is an injection-based treatment. Needles are pre-loaded with varying types of PDO threads, which are then injected into the face following specific contours. The PDO threads act as scaffolding underneath the skin’s surface, which helps lift youthful contours while supporting long-term collagen production.

During the first four to six months directly after the treatment, the skin will start to rebuild itself around the PDO threads. This reaction is a good thing, as it helps support long-lasting results.

Results last anywhere from 12 to 15 months.

“Going forward, I plan on using PDO threads to achieve similar results in popular treatment areas, including the breasts, buttocks, and lower extremities,” Dr. Doherty adds.

Patients can learn more about Dr. Doherty in the greater Boston, MA area or request more information about the Nova Threads treatment at http://www.seandohertymd.com

About Sean Doherty

Sean Doherty, MD, is located in downtown Boston, Brookline and Concord, Massachusetts and serves the greater Boston area. Dr. Sean Doherty offers his patients the finest in plastic surgery techniques, whether they are seeking a subtle change in appearance or a complete transformation.

His practice focuses on providing our patients with exceptional care with safe and superior plastic surgery outcomes. Dr. Doherty feels that the best way to achieve beautiful and natural looking results is to incorporate safe and technical skill with meticulous attention to aesthetic detail. By taking this approach to plastic surgery, Dr. Doherty has the privilege of helping numerous patients attain their plastic surgery goals.

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