Elliptical Machine vs Treadmill – Why the Elliptical Machine might just be a surprise

The elliptical machine has, rather unfairly, acquired a reputation for being one of the more boring pieces of fitness apparatus.

However, when used correctly, this cardiac machine can become an integral part of any workout, with its benefits even outweighing the treadmill.

Ellipticalist.com has brought together the leading brands and machine types together on its website, identifying the leading contenders when it comes to cardiac classics.

Elliptical vs Treadmill…

Research has proven that the heartrate climbs higher when using the elliptical machine than the treadmill, with runners also reporting their legs to feel more tired than when using the more concussing treadmill.

That ‘concussing’ effect of the treadmill – and running in general – is something that is of no concern for those on an elliptical machine, also benefitting those who are progressing through rehabilitation.

For those who like to look good even at the gym, the elliptical machine actually creates less vigorous movement through the body, and even produced a less sweaty workout, ideal for those fitting in a gym session during a lunch hour.

This less-vigorous body movement also means that those working out on the elliptical machine can multi-task, whether watching TV shows or catching up on the news.

Another key advantage that the elliptical machine has over the treadmill, is the ability to also give the arms a workout. For those more advanced in their workout, dumbbells and shoulder presses can create a challenging alternative to holding the handles.

The elliptical machine’s integrated settings mean that any workout can be pre-set and productive. The settings provide a host of workouts varying in their degree of difficulty, creating a progressive program.

Despite there being numerous settings, changing the incline can provide a “booty busting” effect, strengthening the various muscle groups, and providing an all-round cardio fix.

Spoilt for choice…

From Schwinn to ProForm, choosing an elliptical machine can be a minefield with so much choice on offer. Ellipticalist.com have done the hard work, trying out the various machines and going through all the pros and cons of each.

What’s more, there’s a machine for every budget. The website offers a brand comparison as well as an in-depth analysis and review. The rating for each machine allows those looking to purchase an elliptical machine to make the right choice.

When it comes to those looking to spend less than $500, Ellipticalist.com names Schwinn A40 as the ultimate choice. An entry-level machine, quality and reliability come as standard. This machine is often referred to as one of the more vintage models, owing to the fact that it has indeed been around for a number of years. Value for money and durability rate particularly high. The Excerpeutic 5000 and Horizon EX-57 also add to this shortlist.

For those who have already experienced the benefits of the elliptical machine, or simply have a little more to spend, the ProForm 935E. ProForm are widely regarded as manufacturing some of the best machines around, and the 935E is no exception. The amount of features is impressive, and with over 30 workout programs integrated into the full color console as well as the challenging incline mode, make this one a serious contender when it comes to those in the under $1000 category. The Schwinn 430 and Nautilus E614 also make the shortlist in this category.

In Summary…

The elliptical machine may have acquired a reputation for being a ‘less exciting’ piece of equipment, but this is mostly due to its incorrect use. In fact, the machine can become a hugely effective fitness favorite. By changing the available settings, workouts can remain enjoyable and effective. The lack of ‘concussion’ on the joints, and the ability to also workout the upper body, makes the elliptical machine the ‘gem of the gym’.  

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