Build & Fitness Launches A Microfiber Towel That Dries Up To Ten Times Faster Than Traditional Cotton Towels

The build & Fitness microfiber towel has become a bigger seller on Amazon. It is made out of 100% Microfiber and dries up to 10 times faster than traditional cotton towels.

Build & Fitness a leading company that sells premium innovative fitness product solutions to common day to day exercising problems is pleased to announce they have launched a new product on Amazon. The Build & Fitness Microfiber Sports Towel, which is made out of 100 percent Microfiber is super absorbent and provides consumers with perfect fitness accessory.

The sports/travel towel comes with a free bag and is a perfect accessory for the gym, the beach, travel, fitness, and camping. Build & Fitness launched the towel to solve the problems people have when using traditional cotton towels that are bulky and do not dry quickly. With the fitness microfiber towel being lightweight and compact (size 30″ x 50″), and providing a quick drying solution, it has become a big seller on Amazon (

A spokesman for Build & Fitness said: “With our sports and travel microfiber towel providing a quick drying solution, it means it will not smell when it has been used or being used, and prevents the build-up of bacteria.”

The microfiber towel comes with a hygienic coating, which means it prevents the build-up of bacteria, mold, fungi, and odors., providing the user with a healthy towel.

The Build & Fitness microfiber towel is currently available with a discounted price of $14.95 (retail price $18.95). A spokesman for the company explained the current price is part of a celebration due to the success of the product and once that celebration has finished, the sports and travel microfiber towel will go back to its retail price. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee and includes free shipping on orders over $49.

Since being launched on Amazon, the microfiber towel has achieved five-star reviews, including a review from Marquis R Turner who said: “Great towel it is very super absorbent and soft. I use it while doing hot yoga and it helps tremendously with absorbing the sweat. The loop on the end makes it very easy to hang dry after wiping away the sweat, and it’s just the right size for taking to the gym. I would recommend this product for anyone looking for a gym towel. I received this item at a reduced cost.”

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