The Sweet Smell of Success… Awards Showcase Art of Perfume Storytelling

NEW YORK, NY – 1 Nov, 2016 – The sweet smell of success is in the air.  Launching its 2nd year, the Perfumed Plume Awards™ For Fragrance Journalism is a unique award presented to editors/journalists/fragrance authorities who have written and published exceptional stories that bring to life the craft, the inspiration, the emotion and the sensory journey that is at the heart of fragrance creation. Editors/journalists who submit their published stories in six different categories can win $1,000.00 each and a symbolic, elegant writing instrument.

The Perfumed Plume Awards™, co-founded by Lyn Leigh and Mary Ellen Lapsansky, scent aficionados and fragrance industry executives, established this must-win recognition of media excellence with the single goal of raising consumer awareness about the art and craft of scent.  

“The awards celebrate stories that give readers an inside view of the cultural, historical and personal approaches to fragrance design and what it takes to create an evocative scent. Stories that illuminate why some fragrances can instantly conjure memories of a person, time or place. Stories that enlighten, educate, entertain,”  comments Mary Ellen Lapsansky.

“While we love to read all about the new must-have designer or celebrity scents, fragrance can and does inspire a million more fascinating, intriguing, thought-provoking narratives written by incredibly talented writers who take us on a real journey of discovery,” said  Lyn Leigh. “The Perfumed Plume Awards™ is all about recognizing and celebrating one art form writing about another art form.”

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