Fyresite Creates Web Development Solution For Tracking Rental Assets

PHOENIX, AZ – 11/1/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Web development agency Fyresite has unveiled a system for connecting a tracking physical rental assets software with a popular CRM.

Regarding the ERP created, Jason Turnquist, Co-founder of the web development company, says, “Using Rental Results by Wynne Systems, we are able to allow companies like ACME Lift to integrate their CRM (using Zoho CRM) so that their sales teams are in the loop as to which assets are available for rent without having to log in to multiple systems. We have also used the Rental Results API to create publicly (for the customer) available asset searches and request quotes based on the real time availability of the rental assets.”

ACME Lift company previously utilized two systems to manage their rental inventory and clients, Rental Results and Zoho, and wished to build a streamlined process for clients to request quotes on machines that were currently available in their rental fleet. The process boiled down to clients logging into their accounts online and using equipment search tools to find available machinery in their areas. Once equipment is found, clients can request a quote for that particular item.

The quote is sent to their customer relationship management system or CRM where ACME salespeople can edit, add pricing and send it back to the client. The clients log back into their online account, look over the quote, and then approve or reject it. Once approved, The ACME salesperson can draw up a contract in the CRM and send it back to the client for approval.

“We built a web app using React + Redux for the front end, and built a custom server using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB for the backend. The backend is integrated with both the ZOHO CRM API, the Rental Results REST API, and AWS’s S3 bucket for saving the documents and images uploaded by the clients. The entire system is running on an AWS ec2 instance,” says Turnquist.

ACME Lift’s clients are now able to request quotes, sign contracts, and fill out equipment reports on any device (desktop, tablet, and mobile) regardless of OS (OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux), which saves both ACME and their client’s time by automating processes that were once handled completely by salespeople.

More about Fyresite and the website development solutions that they provide can be seen at the company site at fyresite.com.

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