Nitrile Coated Gloves Manufacturer Introduces Cotton Nitrile Coated Safety Gloves for Industries

Gaomi Huanyu Larbor Production Co. LTD has introduced nitrile coated gloves that can be used by workers engaged in many industries, such as mining, oil extraction and others.

With an objective of maintaining the safety of the industrial workers, Huanyu Larbor Production Company manufactures a wide range of safety gloves. They now offer nitrile coated safety gloves that come in a wide variety of designs to help protect hands and palms of workers, engaged in the risk prone industries. These gloves are of high quality, comfortable to wear and protect workers from accidental cuts and bruises.

According to the spokesperson of the nitrile coated gloves manufacturer, they have an outstanding range of nitrile coated gloves. Nitrile is a co-polymer that is produced in the similar way rubber is produced. But nitrile is synthetic and it doesn’t cause any kind of allergic reactions. This is the reason why nitrile coated gloves are safer and more durable to wear and use. Moreover, these gloves are easily disposable and do not cause any adverse effect on the environment.

cotton nitrile coated safety gloves

The company has many types of ntrile coated gloves and they specialize in cotton nitrile coated safety gloves that offer a perfect resistance to oils, grease, and fuels. Made of white cotton and blue nitrile these gloves also provide an excellent resistance against harsh chemicals. The spokesperson reveals that these are soft cotton gloves that keep workers’ hands safe and they feel the comfort and softness while doing rigorous work by hand. The gloves are designed to protect hands and improve the performance of workers. The gloves are lightweight and the coating provides sufficient ventilation to keep hands dry and make it more comfortable for workers.

They have recently introduced the 13-Gauge Nitrile Dipped Gloves that are made of nylon and nitrile with the purple palm coating. The gloves have larger coating area with good air permeability for a comfortable feeling. With the nylon woven yarn, these gloves feature an excellent elasticity to fit into different palm shapes and sizes. The company produces high quality gloves that meet the international safety standards.

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About Gaomi Huanyu Larbor Production Co. LTD

Gaomi Huanyu Labor Products Co., Ltd is a work gloves manufacturer in China, specialized in producing all sorts of coated gloves, including latex coated work gloves, nitrile coated work gloves and PVC cold-proof gloves that are used in special working environment. The factory was established in 1998 and they offer incomparable advantages in gloves price and quality. As a work gloves manufacturer, they can supply work gloves to customers, so as to decrease intermediate links and reduce customers’ purchasing cost. At the same time, they adopt a strict management in the whole process of gloves manufacture, from the purchasing of material to production and packing, and then supplying stable quality products for customers.

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