Appreciate the Future Technology with Smart Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle

With the constant development of technology, vehicles for transportation have been upgraded nonstop. Since electric scooter showed up in the market, it has been well received by the young fashionistas. Yet Airwheel R5 electric assist urban bike provides riders with more options.

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The past few years saw the rapid development of the electric scooter. Although electric scooter is well favored by the young, its application is substantially limited in that it still can’t satisfy people’s need of transportation. Yet Airwheel R5 electric assist urban bike emerges as a solution for this shortcoming, which can be used for long-distance trips and more importantly, it provides riders with more options.

Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike

Now, the emergence of Airwheel R5 electric assist bike has altered the condition of the original one, ushering the industry into a new level. With the help of R5 electric power bicycle, this new type of vehicle is likely to become a universal vehicle, just like electromobiles and bicycles.

Unlike the traditional vehicles, Airwheel R5 is featured by three riding modes: man-powered, power-assisted and electricity-assisted modes with which the riders don’t have to keep a single ride mode while riding. Thanks to this improvement, riders can feel at ease even if they are having a travel, thereby enabling R5 to enter the mass market.

Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike

Another highlight of Airwheel R5 citizen folding electric bike lies in its groundbreaking portability. Its main body, operating rod, handle bars and pedals can be folded to bid farewell troublesome. Its folding volume is as small as 0.2m3 that can be stored into any corner of the house or car trunk.

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As a brand new model, Airwheel R5 has gone through a lot of refinements based on the inheritance of old elements. Like other models in Airwheel, R5 e bike is coupled with imported Li-ion battery that guarantees sufficient power supply. While, it is protected by 8 circuit protections including battery equalization, overvoltage protection, overcharge protection, over discharge protection, overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection and anti-counter-flow protection, making R5 is more efficient and safer.


Airwheel always puts itself in the users’ shoes and takes every detail into consideration. The essence of technology is to bring people a more convenient life. With Airwheel R5 portable electric bike, users are able to appreciate the beauty of future technology and the comfort of life.

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