The super talented David Lester is unstoppable

November, US – Astonishing Hip-hop, Rap/Soul/Reggae songwriter, and producer, David Lester has announced more projects following the success of his previous ventures in the industry. The release of his first album, Busy had been phenomenal, and his music video of ‘busy’ was also record breaking. The artist has announced that he will be creating more art in the days to come. Having won several awards and recently nominated as the winner of 2016 Akademia Award as best rap/soul artist for his single “Self-Made,” in Los Angeles, USA, David Lester has since set sights on the next album.

David Lester, who is popularly known as DJMWB is a hip-hop sensation all across America. After the success of his self-made single that was released in June 2015, the artist released another album in July 2016. The album accounts the social challenges with respect to economy-driven society. David is mainly inspired and influenced by the legends such as Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, Michael Jackson, Wyclef Jean and Tupac Shakur. His recent album sensationally made it to the top 40 charts for LA and got thousands of hits on YouTube regularly.

“Every day’s mood is what influenced the album, the track titles on the album show in some way, what exactly inspired me for each song and all personal to experiences in my life,” said DJMWB, “I want this album to to represent the need to stay focused and survive.” He added while talking about his album with the Weaver Records International.

His album is available on iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL, Rhapsody, Amazon, Google play,, and

Beauty, Empty Drum, My Lady, Busy, and Excited are the titles of some of his epic tracks from the album. He tweets at @DJMWB1.

In a nutshell, his music is a blend of different genres into one with a unique touch that can be felt easily. His work is always extraordinary, original and different making him unique in the industry. Inspired by Michael Jackson, David also aims to be one of the most influential figures in the music industry of this era and wants to make a difference with his work. He is unstoppable as the artist aims to make more art with music and many experts in the industry believe that he is just getting started for the next journey.

The upcoming album which is another genre DJMWB likes to call “Afrolectro” is due to be released sometime in November 2016 and fans are already feeling excited about it.

The new album will also be recorded by the Weaver Records International and fans can get more information about this upcoming album at

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