LED high-end commercial lighting to create market invisible champion, improve the quality of light is the inevitable way of the future

With the LED products continue to improve energy efficiency, coupled with the color tolerance (SDCM) control and color performance significantly improved, higher quality requirements of the high-end commercial lighting market is gradually fermentation. High-end commercial lighting market first to lighting used in museums, galleries and other display space with the market, mainly in downlights, spotlights and reflector lamps based. Focus on high-power LED lamp beads and SMD LED lamp beads and other products for 20-years which Taiwan TOGIALED, its latest market research “LED high-end commercial lighting market”, the study pointed out that high-end commercial lighting in 2016 commonly used downlights, spotlights and Reflector lights market scale was 1.879 billion US dollars and 1.538 billion US dollars. Downlight ,spotlights and reflector lights (Par & Rs.) , respectively, 2.013 billion US dollars and 1.592 billion US dollars are expected in 2017.

LED product features in addition to optical design, but the product ID design, and with the DALI dimming system

Optical design: The use of COB lamp beads or high-power LED, COB mainly through the reflective cup for secondary optics, LED is mainly through the optical lens or other optical lenses for different light-type shape. The engineering department of LED manufacturer TOGIALED: COB LED lamp beads products market application main color temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K 6000K, TOGIALED COB basic can be reached 120-150LM / W. There are various of COB LED lamp beads appearance. TOGIALED has many of the latest technology to solve the COB LED, SMD LED light failure and easy to die light problem. See www.ledtw.com, their products are used in many state-level museums, stadiums and art galleries, and large hotels. If you need to dim, the majority with DALI dimming system.

Current source design: General track lamp ballast depends on the wattage and lamp body structure design. Usually small wattage lamps can be ballast in the lamp body design. if the the ballast with high wattage, it’s usually placed in the ballast box (Gear Box).

Life time of product: 70% lumen maintenance rate of up to 50,000 hours.

COB LED into the high-end commercial lighting market

According to the data provided by the manufacturer of TOGIALED, the world’s high-end commercial lighting market, the use of the most extensive downlights and track lighting, respectively, 40% and 75% are using COB light source (according to the number of lamps, the main is below power 30W), followed by 11% and 6% respectively for the growth rate of compound growth.

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