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Northampton, England – 1 Nov, 2016 – The FCA wants a deadline to be set for June 2019 to contain the PPI scandal across the nation, it plans to launch a marketing campaign from next June financed by Britain’s banks to raise awareness of the impending deadline for submission of mis-sold PPI claims.

PPI is short for payment protection insurance. Financial institutions sell it to their customers as an insurance that will safeguard them in case they lose their job or become ill and are unable to pay their loan for a period of one year. This type of insurance is also called credit protection insurance as well as unemployment, accident or sickness coverage.

The actual events covered by your policy will depend upon the extent of cover that you have purchased. You should always refer to your policy terms and conditions for confirmation of your extent of cover and exclusions that you can avail from your policy (what isn’t covered).

PPI has been widely mis-sold, and you could have it without knowing. It is widely sold by banks and other credit providers as an addition to the loan or any overdraft product you have availed from the respective financial institution.

The FCA also hopes that the deadline will bring an expensive catastrophe to an end, by stopping the flood of false claims that have been costly to investigate. On one hand, the consumers are anxious with the idea of a deadline, as it suggests that victims of the PPI scam can very well miss out on compensation if they realize too late that they are owed money by financial institutions that are a part of the scam. On the other, Banks argued that the impending deadline will prompt the remaining consumers to file the complaints relating to their claims.

PPI Refund will guide you through the whole process of registering and filing a claim and ensuring that you get the compensation that you rightly deserve. It is important that filing of complaints with the respective banks is done immediately as the deadline is fast approaching.

PPI Refund will not want you to miss out on your PPI Claim. For this, you need to check your eligibility and the extent that you can claim a refund for.

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