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Romania – November 1, 2016 – Since the advent of the internet, the World Wide Web has changed the pace that information is spread around the world. Websites, blogs and social media compete for the chance to broadcast what is happening in real time, to an audience of billions of online visitors, who crave to find out the latest developments in diverse matters.

However, not all news platforms are equal. Information may be selectively disseminated, while the reporters’ bias might be carefully concealed through an artful presentation of the facts.

RoundNews is unlike any other website of its kind. What started as a grassroots movement, wherein an active community of users contributed content that peaked their interested, slowly turned into a fully-fledged news website.

Since 2010, RoundNews takes pride in being a website where visitors can learn about the latest news, knowing that what is presented to them is an accurate, honest, unbiased recount of events.

In addition to world news, RoundNews’ coverage includes categories such as business, science, health, life sports, tech and entertainment, catering to the needs of audiences of all ages and different walks of life.

With its front page being an amalgam of the top news stories from around the world, visitors can navigate RoundNews’ user-friendly website with ease, looking for specific pieces on their areas of interest. Thanks to a plethora of well-written, engaging articles, RoundNews has gained a dedicated readership, which is growing steadfastly with each passing day.

When it comes to RoundNews, though, not everything is about page clicks. Contrary to other online news outlets, which sacrifice quality in the name of notoriety, RoundNews remains a beacon of journalistic integrity amongst the sea of subpar similarly-themed websites.

Extending its gratitude to its readers, RoundNews has created its bespoke RSS feed, which gives prominence to the most important world news of the day. By subscribing to RoundNews’ feed, those with a keen interest in current events can look forward to receiving, on a daily basis, an email containing a comprehensive list of top world news stories s – or, as RoundNews affectively calls it, “a daily dose of unbiased news”.

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