Nobel Laureates Town of Jiangning Development Zone was Officially Launched

Welcomed the First Honorary Citizen Winning Nobel Prize Named James E. Rothman

On Oct. 29th, Science and Art Town of Nobel Laureates of Jiangning Development Zone was launched and welcomed the first honorary citizen winning Nobel Prize. This represents that the construction of Nobel Laureates Town has made major substantial headway after the official signing of the project on Oct. 10th and also marks that the building of its innovative system took another significant step.


Science and Art Town of Nobel Laureates, jointly built by the Administration Commission of Jiangning Economic Development Zone, Sino-Germany Sci & Tech Park, China Industry News and Nanjing University of the Arts, was inaugurated.


In less than 20 days, the project of Nobel Laureates Town has already founded the council, preliminarily set up staff team and made agglomeration effect to attract numerous top-grade experts, well-known high colleges and high-tech enterprises, building a solid basis for further development of the project.

In the launching ceremony, plaques were awarded by expert advisory committee of Science and Art Town of Nobel Laureates, college innovation league and enterprise innovation league. Led by Zhao Haohan, a standing member of CPPCC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the president of Jiangsu Regional Development Institute, expert advisory committee will collect resources and advantages from various parties to provide decision advisory for planning, construction, policy and operation of Nobel Laureates Town.


He Shijian, Special Assistant to the director of China Industry New, awarded the plaque of Experts Advisory Commission of Nobel Laureates Town, and Zhang Haohan, member of Jiangsu PPCC standing committee and president of Jiangsu Regional Development Research Society, received the plaque on behalf of the Experts Advisory Commission.

Led by Huangwei, the president of Nanjing Tech University, college innovation league will collect advantages of provincial colleges to provide innovation and cooperation resources for settled Nobel Prize Winner. Led by provincial high-tech enterprises, enterprise innovation league will assist settled Nobel Prize winner to conduct IUR cooperation and technology grafting with enterprises.


Zhou Songbo, President of Sino-Germany Sci & Tech Park Shareholding Co., Ltd and Chairman of China Branch of International Heidelberg Club, awarded the plaque of the Nobel Laureates Town Universities’ Innovation Union, and Academician Huang Wei, President of Nanjing University of Technology received the plaque on behalf of the Universities’ Innovation Union.

Meanwhile, high-level talents represented by prize winner will be fully introduced, retained and utilized through resource integration effect of the two leagues, providing intelligence support for the development of the town and campus.

In this ceremony, as the first honorary citizen of this town, James E. Rothman, a Nobel Prize Winner, delivered a speech. It is reported that James E. Rothman is the director of Department of Cellular Biology of Yale University and also a Fergus F. Wallace honorary professor of biomedicine who received several honors awarded by Columbia University, including Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize, Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research (2002) and King Faisal International Prize. He also received Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2013.


Li Wanping, Director of the Administration Commission of Jiangning Economic Development Zone and President of the Council of Nobel Laureates Town, awarded to James Rothman Letter of Appointment for Honorary Citizen of Nobel Laureates Town and some souvenirs.

Jiangning Development Zone, owning great advantages of talents and scientific education resources, is the only base for national 1000 Plan, 10000 Plan and Western Returned Scholars Association focusing on studying abroad to serve the country. Besides, it turns to be core area and demonstrative park possessing many provincial and municipal technological innovation projects and high-level talents. It joins hands with top-grade global technological talents like Nobel Prize winners to utilize their research outcome to promote the economic and social development.

Since started, the project of Nobel Laureates Town has aroused widespread concern in all walks of life. Later, Jiangning Development Zone will further move forward with the collection of top-grade talents of Nobel Laureates Town based on its own regional, industrial and human advantages. It will make active responses and grasp strategic opportunity of the Belt and Road Initiative.

It will focus on building an exquisite town by strengthening the integration of various aspects, such as industry and city, different business types, scene and city as well as human and residence. It makes best to build an influential sample demonstrative project of world-class Nobel Laureates ecological town which is charming, multifunctional and rich of German characteristics. By taking all of these measures, it is dedicated to fully promote the influence of Nobel Laureates Town at home and abroad.


Zhang Bin, Director of the Technological Talents Bureau of the Administration Committee of Jiangning Economic Development Zone, Member of the Council of Nobel Laureates Town and Director of the Council Office, and Zhuang Chuanwei, General Manager of Economic Management Committee of Xinhua Newspaper Media Group and Xinhua Daily Media Co., Ltd, signed a strategic partnership agreement on Nobel Laureates Town.

Currently, preparation work for introducing three Nobel Prize winners are in full swing. The concerned fields include life health and intelligent manufacturing. It is expected that the first batch of Nobel Prize experts will come here at the end of the year. By implementing scientific and technological communication and research as well as industrial interaction, the transformation and upgrading of high-tech industry will be completely promoted so as to press ahead the sustainable development of regional high-tech industry.

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