Consultancy Firm WM Immigration Offers Professional Advice For British Citizens Wishing To Bring Their Overseas Spouses To The UK

 London, United Kingdom – It’s no secret that the rate of marriage-related migration is rising. A few years ago, the Home Office said that 77,380 people moved to the UK to join their British spouses. There is no denying that Britain is one of the best places in the world to live.

That’s due, in part, to the wealth of opportunities for families, careers, and business. The trouble with British citizens marrying foreign spouses is navigating complex visa laws. While spouses typically apply for a spouse visa, it’s crucial they fill in the application correctly. Otherwise, couples may face stressful situations and the inevitable delay of living together.

One consultancy firm has made it their goal to make the process easier to digest and less stressful. WM Immigration provides a wealth of help and support for spouses that wish to permanently move to the UK. So, why does it make sense for couples to seek the professional help of WM Immigration? Here are just some of the reasons why:

Strict income requirements

One of the reasons for failed spouse visas boils down to strict financial requirements. The Home Office has set out complicated criteria for eligible applications. In a nutshell, they can get summarised as follows:

– The sponsor (spouse already living in the UK) must earn at least £18,600 a year;

– That goes up to £22,400 a year if the couple has a child together;

– For couples that have more than one child, the minimum salary increases by £2,400 per child;

– Self-employment incomes can get used, but the application is stronger if combined with savings.

As each application is unique, it’s vital to get sound advice before applying for a spouse visa. WM Immigration has a team of experienced and expert advisers that can assist.

Couples must prove they can support themselves financially

Before applying for a spouse visa, each couple must prove they can support themselves. They must show that they do not need to rely on public funds (i.e. benefits) to live in the UK. The strict income requirements above go some way to prove that.

Of course, not all people wishing to live in the UK want or need to work. For example, one or both individuals in the marriage may have a lot of savings. It might have come from money put aside during their careers or from inheritance. WM Immigration can check the savings of each couple is enough to support any application.

Couples must live together in a residential property

Another requirement for a spouse visa is that the couples live together in the same abode. It doesn’t matter whether the property is owned or rented. It must also be suitable for their needs, especially when children are living with them.

About WM Immigration

WM Immigration is a leading consultancy firm that offers professional advice to their clients. They help couples and individuals to establish a new life for themselves in the UK. Backed by a team of experienced consultants, WM has successfully helped clients of all backgrounds.

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