American Automotive Service Solutions Inc. Shed Light on How Extended Warranties are Voided

WENTZVILLE, MO – 11/2/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — American Automotive Service Solutions Inc. announces how to protect your automobile after a purchase. Today, car warranties including extended warranties are more of safety nets than luxuries. As a car owner, whether the car is new or old you cannot afford to take warranties for granted. Unlike insurance, they offer protection from breakdowns and possible defects that may arise during normal usage. You should, however, bear in mind that warranties are contracts and like any form of contract, they have fine prints that you need to pay attention to. As they say, the devil is in the details. Analyze these details and know beforehand just what can void it altogether. This will help avoid being taken by surprise when you are banking on the extended warranty coming through for you.

What could break the deal?

The Maintenance

Being a contract, warranties act as agreements between two persons; either between you and the manufacturer of the car or between you and the agency you purchase the car from and provides the plan. Most often than not, extended warranties, since they are designed to cover repairs, stipulate that the cost of repairs of particular parts will only be paid if and only if the car has been properly maintained.

Proper maintenance, in this case, refers to the procedures recommended by the manufacturer or otherwise stated on the warranty. Following these maintenance procedures will see to it that your car lasts long and will reduce the likelihood of having your claim denied.

The Documentation

Aside from providing regular and recommended maintenance to your car, you will need to have records of all maintenance done in writing and filed. This will act as proof and help make your case when filing a claim. Think about it, if a given repair you did is in question, to prove that you followed the stipulated rules to the letter, you will need to provide a document showing the repair and the shop that performed the repair.

Protective Precautions

It almost sounds cliché when you are always told to stay protected. After all, prevention is better than cure. It is possible to void your warranty when you fail to take preventive measures. For example, when your car engine overheats, the warning light on the dashboard will light up. Following this warning, you should park the car on the side of the road add some water and wait for it to cool down before you continue with your journey. If you choose however to continue cruising down the freeway, you will engine will meltdown, and you can bid farewell to getting any compensation. Consider it a punishment for your ignorance.

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