Sea cruise staff suspect bed bugs and arm the the ships with professional pest control service

“A bed bug bite affects each person differently. Bite responses can range from an absence of any physical signs of the bite, to a small bite mark, to a serious allergic reaction. Bed bugs are not considered to be dangerous; however, an allergic reaction to”
Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to eradicate and can go up to a year without feeding. However, it’s important to remove the bed bugs as soon as possible, breeding and spreading very quickly. Most pest control companies are equipped to handle bed bugs. A set up process to get the home or business owner get ready for the bed bug treatment. Bed bugs control services have a few methods that can be used from pesticides,freezing and heating.

Bed bugs have long been bad news for hostels, motels, even luxury hotels. But after months of being in the global news the question arose could the nasty critters be on cruise ships. The answer is absolutely a million times yes. Where there are warm blooded human beings the chances of bedbugs being around is great. Bedbugs don’t care if the passengers are in different levels on the ship. The bugs are just happy to feed on human blood.

How to tell bed bugs like the professional pest control

Bed bugs are flat, small and parasitic insects that dine on human blood when the targets are asleep. The bugs are a reddish-brown hue, wingless and about the size of Lincoln’s head on a penny. The pests are found worldwide but do not spread disease. However the bedbug bites will drive humans crazy with itching and scratching. Some people have allergic reactions to the bites that could require medical attention. o be absolutely certain of what type of pest is attacking go to the Internet and pull up photos of bedbugs. Because when a report us made and the ship maintenance staff will be prepared to begin an elimination process of the bedbugs.

Bed bugs protection from personal belongs when living high traffic areas like ships

Bed bugs are good at hitching rides. The creepy creeps are riding on and in the guests’ hand bags, luggage, backpacks, garment bags and tote bags. But wait, there’s more. Think about the prior guests that occupied the same cabin. The bedbugs could have hopped a ride and trekked on into the cabin and left behind from the previous guests. Anywhere on the cruise ship an infestation could be growing unknowingly to staff and guest The pesky pests are not a sign that a cruise ship is dirty. Bed bugs hide in the seams of bags and suitcases, and travelers are unaware that the bugs are being transporting from place to place.

Inspection rooms for bed bugs inspection just like exterminators

Check the folds and corners of mattress and for the presence of bed bugs or their molted scraps. The pests can be found behind the headboard. The problem is the bedbugs may not be able to be seen if the headboard is attached to the wall. A huge finding are rust-colored blood spots on the mattress or bedside furniture and sniff for a sweet musty odor. Anytime travel is involved there is a good chance of the possibilities of bedbugs. Remember to pack a flashlight to check for evidence of the insects in dark corners.

Experts discuss identifying the red bite makes on skin by bed bugs

It may be difficult to differentiate between a bed bug bite and a mosquito or flea bite. Bedbug bite marks look like swollen, reddish areas that itch like crazy. An interesting possibility is that one person in a bed may get bitten while the other person doesn’t. Advice to all would be to do a search on the Internet for bedbugs and not only see what the little creeps look like but see bite marks.

Preventative bed bugs control measure when travelling

First thing to do is to report the problem to your cabin steward. The ship pest control experts are needed to exterminate this bedbug mess. If medical treatment is needed than visit the ship physician. Keep in mind this could mean paying for the expensive visit. It’s best to purchase travel insurance that would cover the visit. Ask to be moved to another cabin if there is one available. Stateroom Stewards are trained to investigate for bedbugs and do weekly inspections of everything in cabins. The extermination process includes fumigation, deep cleaning and all bed linens are laundered in extremely hot water.

When bed bugs are found onboard there specific procedures to follow to eliminate bed bugs. This includes stateroom inspections, fumigating and deep cleaning. When bedbug infestation is present the room is chemically treated along with all other cabins within that section. Frequent re- inspection will be done for the next several months. When ships are taken out of service for the routine maintenance period, all staterooms receive an extensive pest control treatment at that time.

First and foremost start by never putting all luggage directly onto the bed. Use the luggage racks provided. Also use thick mats that the cabin steward puts at the foot of the bed on the first day, to set your luggage on. There are large size zip loc bags to keep things sealed. Hang the garment bags in closet but keep it zipped up. Do daily inspections because the personnel only does it weekly, may be too late by then. Bon Voyage.

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