Two Top New York City Negotiators Launch New Type of Debt Settlement Company

ReadySettle launches with the aim to revolutionize the debt settlement industry through a new type of à la carte debt settlement service.

2 Nov, 2016 – New York, NY, USA – ReadySettle, a new company in the debt settlement industry, announced their business launch this week. The company, headed by founders Josiah Nelson and Eduardo Gamboa, aims to introduce a new brand of debt settlement service that targets to reform the debt settlement industry. The founders worked at a top law firm in New York City specializing in debt settlement and decided to create their own venture after they saw the massive fees being charged to clients. The company utilizes a unique model to settle your debts one at a time as opposed to enrolling them all into a cumbersome program. The method was developed by Nelson and Gamboa to be more efficient, fast and cost-effective.

Through the ReadySettle Model, the company notes that it will be able to deliver an easier method for debt settlement that cuts extremely high fees and waiting periods usually found in existing settlement models. With this new model, the company claims that net savings off debt, as when compared to the company’s closest competitor, averages to about 800%. The founders explain that these net savings are possible because ReadySettle does not act as a middleman in the process, but instead, simply negotiates the deal for the client and the client pays the settlement directly to the creditor.

We want our clients to keep as much money in their pockets as possible. That’s what we’re here for,” says Josiah Nelson, Co-Founder and CEO of ReadySettle.

We directly connect our customers to the settlement they want. With this simple, straightforward system, we give customers the chance for a true and real glimpse of a debt-free tomorrow,” says Eduardo Gamboa, Co-Founder and Chairman. “Other models such as the attorney model and contingency model will charge you insane fees. For instance, when you use the attorney model, on top of the already high service fees, they will hit you with a retainer fee, a monthly admin fee, a payment fee for each payment that goes out. That adds up fast.” He went on to say “the amount you are quoted in the beginning is almost never accurate. Most clients have to add thousands extra to pay all of the settlements and fees beyond what they’re paying every month. It’ll take years to complete. By contrast with Readysettle, the process is highly simplified and takes only as little as $30 to settle one account at a time. You pay the fee one time and then a negotiator settles that debt for you and lets you pay directly,”

When asked further about the motivation behind the model, Nelson answered, “It’s a pretty straightforward model. The current settlement system is flawed, along with the models that we have as of now. Usually, you’ll find people paying even more money and waiting for periods of about 6-9 months at a time, just for a settlement. So instead of actually helping people pay their debts, the system is just planting them deeper into debt. With ReadySettle, our goal is to reduce high settlement costs from as much as 100% to as little as 4% and waiting periods for settlements from as much as 2 years to as little as 24 hours. It looks like an ambitious model—especially when you base it on the prevailing settlement system–but it works, and it works well. We have had an extremely positive response from our clients, some of whom were previously trapped in these programs. They’re seeing actual relief and that’s all we could want.”

ReadySettle supports most all major creditors and collections agencies. The price varies based on the size of the debt and the current creditor.

For customers who are interested in knowing more about the service or in using the service to help settle credit card debt and other forms of debt, they can easily access the services through ReadySettle’s official website.

About ReadySettle

ReadySettle, headed by founders, Josiah Nelson and Eduardo Gamboa, is a Debt Settlement Company based in New York, NY. The company is focused on providing debt settlement services to clients with various forms of debt – from credit card debts to personal loans. ReadySettle seeks to not only reform the country’s debt settlement system through its new settlement model, but it also aims to realize a debt-free-tomorrow vision for its customers.  

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