New Virtual Reality System VirgenX Provides Unprecedented Innovation and Excitement

The electronics industry is in love with virtual reality, and it should be, with so many consumers bored with 2-D games and entertainment.  Today’s consumers are eager for the next, new thrill, and that thrill appears to be virtual reality.  This new type of personal electronics offer unprecedented immersion, which can shock or excite jaded users in a completely new way.

One of the most innovative of these new virtual reality systems is VirgenX, which combines cutting edge visual and audio programs with a groundbreaking tactile interface to produce a unique and utterly engaging VR experience.  This new virtual reality system will enable users to enjoy experiences that they couldn’t in real life.  Once experienced, VirgenX will be the only virtual reality system any user will ever need.

The heart of the VirgenX system is the programmable peripheral.  This easy to use device can be remotely operated by Bluetooth and a mobile app. Users can customize operation to suit their personal tastes.  Designed to look like a black vase, this VirgenX device will look like an elegant home décor element when not in use.  With a six hour battery life between recharges, VirgenX will ensure thrills and chills for even marathon virtual reality outings.

VirgenX designed its equipment for long lasting durability and outstanding performance.  The VirgenX peripheral includes a heavy duty device shell that protects the more sensitive components.  These components include the motherboard, battery, motor, and silicone sleeve.  This product is easy to program and is small enough to take with you wherever you travel. Completely safe and easy to clean, VirgenX is the ideal virtual reality peripheral for users at home or on the go.

The mobile app can be downloaded from the app store.  With the app, the user can adjust tactile responses like vibration strength.  Users can also integrate video or music with device function to produce a truly immersive and unforgettable VR experience.

VirgenX has already received rave reviews from users and industry insiders. Mechanical engineer Kyle Wolcott said of VirgenX: “It’s just so outstanding, so different from other products on the market. Most importantly, the app control function brings the product to another level. It felt so real when I used it with the VR function.”

VirgenX is currently fully ready to go to market, but the production team is inviting you to experience it personally before it goes public.  They have sponsored a crowdfunding page on Indiegogo that allows you to reserve your own VirgenX system before the rest of the public. These VR packages include a VR headset, charger, suction mount, and mobile app.  These packages are steeply discounted but only a limited number are available before VirgenX goes into mass distribution at retail prices.  If you place an order through Indiegogo, you may expect delivery by Christmas of 2016.

To learn more about the VirgenX virtual reality system, or to reserve your own VirgenX virtual reality package, please visit

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