Industrial Rubber Supplies from GZ6 Trading Limited Bring Convenience to Automobile Manufacturers

GZ6 Trading Limited, a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of tires, conveyor belts and rubber hoses, now offers industry-grade solutions to its clients in the automobile manufacturing industry.

GZ6 Trading Limited, an international industrial rubber supplies and trading company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying all sorts of all-steel and semi-steel rubber tires, recently built its capacity to provide a range of industry-grade solutions to its clients. The auto and truck tires offered by the industrial rubber supplies company bring more convenience to the automobile manufacturers who are in the clientele of the Canadian manufacturer of industry-grade rubber products.

The low-metallic, semi-metallic, and semi-steel rubber tires come in addition to the brake pads and plates. Though the company has its forte in rubber manufacturing and supplying, the rubber traders also want to expand their market presence for other types of products, such as brake pads and plates. The company also manufactures now rubber hoses as well as conveyor belts for agriculture and other sectors.

“Through all these years, we have built very stable and long-term collaborative business relationship with leading professional tire manufacturers nestled in China. All of our strategic partners from China are among the top hundred manufacturers in the global rubber manufacturing industry. We can guarantee top quality for all the rubber hoses, conveyor belts and tires we supply to our clients in and outside China. Moreover, our vendors and suppliers are quality certified and many of these manufacturers comply with several quality standards, including but not limited to US DOT, Chinese 3C, European ECE, US SMARTWAY, Arabic GCC, and Brazilian INMETRO”, said a senior executive of the industrial rubber supplies company.

The CEO of the company said that expanding their supplying capabilities and deepening their ties with their China based manufacturers are just two ways to increase their competitiveness. The wholesale tire distributors are now aiming at providing highest quality at the most competitive prices. “We want to build symbiotic relationships with all our clients. We are committed to meet all specifications and quality standards of different countries and in this way, we want to increase our export volume in the next financial year. We want to top the list of wholesale tire distributors in Canada,” said the CEO and managing director of GZ6 Trading Limited at a press conference held in Saskatchewan.

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