Little Loans Now Just Got a Little Bigger for all South Africans

Margate, KwaZulu-Natal – 03 November, 2016 – LittleLoans has been so efficient finding loans for South Africans that they’ve decided to increase their limit to R8 000! Deciding what short-term loan to choose can be extremely tricky when you consider the varied players in the financial game, reputations of loan institutions, and numerous repayment options (hidden in the fine print) – making huge differences when it comes time to pay it back.

As a financial profiling tool LittleLoans has been incredibly successful. Sifting through hundreds of options and compiling them into one comprehensive list of short-term loans to review (if you’ve been honest with the questionnaire online). Once you’ve made your informed choice you can apply for the loan with deposits (cash) being made into your account on the same day – without any paperwork.

LittleLoans – understands that simple and understandable financial advice is worth it’s weight in gold. According to a report compiled by the Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit, Measuring and Profiling Financial Literacy in South Africa 2016, only 48.4% of South Africans understood financial terminology and were literate in the subject. It’s for this reason that reports generated by the online short-term loan compiler are informative, uncomplicated (without serious jargon), compact, and directly displayed on your mobile or computer. This simplification means that more local customers are using the service – with 2,500 people using it on a daily basis. 

With such a large amount of traffic to the site, and a broader wealth demographic logging on, the company decided that it was in the best interest of the consumers to up the old limit of R2 500 to R8 000. The same programming algorithm is still in play to help compare the best financial institutions and inform applicants of all the options when expanding their spending reach.

So if you’ve had a very unfortunate month where you’ve had series of small mishaps like:

• a flat car tyre;

• a surprise visit to the medical specialist;

• or a leaky roof;

You can now select a bigger little loan to fix your problems quickly while being fully informed.

About LittleLoans:

LittleLoans is South Africa’s go to online financial tool to source, and compile, comprehensive short-term loans options. A proudly South African product, the company believes that when those out-of-the-blue mishaps occur you need all the information at your fingertips and money now – as tomorrow is too late. LittleLoans makes sure you’re able to select the right short-term loan product to address the direct monetary issue at hand, and that you’re able pay back your debt so you avoid becoming over-indebted. Servicing 2,500 clients a day and now offering you the option to source loans up to R8 000, it’s the financial tool that every person in Mzansi can use effectively and for a better future.

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