Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery announces Partnership with NO GAP Dentists

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One of the most favoured centres for wisdom teeth removal, Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery partners with NO GAP Dentists to make treatments easily accessible for patients.

Sydney, New South Wales (getnews) November 3, 2016 – The leading wisdom teeth removal centre, Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery has recently announced their partnership with NO GAP Dentists for helping patients save more with affordable general dentistry. The clinic also asserted that no compromise shall be made on the quality of the treatment, regardless of the pocket-friendly prices.

The partnership enables the centre to offer their high quality wisdom teeth removal service for as low as $225. The maximum price a patient will have to pay for the surgical removal of 4 wisdom teeth would cost up to $970, the company revealed. The procedure is offered by recognised oral surgeon Dr Paulo Pinho, who is well known for his safe and affordable wisdom teeth removal services in Sydney.

Dr. Pinho stated, “We are proud to make this partnership happen, as this helps several patients out there to access our unmatched quality services at great prices. The consultation and examination fee is just $55 per person, which we think will delight a lot of them in getting their wisdom teeth removed. Plus, patients can be rest assured of the safe procedures adopted by Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery.”

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery offers a great facility for experienced dental surgeons and oral Surgeons to perform wisdom teeth extractions with affordable pre-established fees. The clinic has been at the forefront of delivering wisdom teeth removal procedure in Sydney using some of the most advanced equipment and techniques that employ a worry-free experience for its patients.

“After years of market research, we realised that one of the main difficulties to lower the price was the large scope of procedures performed. We found out that surgical wisdom teeth removal is a procedure carried out on a very average time specially when performed by experienced oral surgeons. By limiting our Day Surgery to wisdom teeth removal only, we were able to lower our fees significantly and help a lot of patients,” a spokesperson of the clinic clarified.

The company believes that in addition to their already reasonable wisdom teeth removal services, their partnership with NO GAP dentists is expected to be welcomed by those patients looking for cost-effective treatments.

About Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery:

Wisdom Teeth Day Surgery is one of the recognised centres for wisdom teeth removal in Sydney. For more information and online booking, visit http://wisdomteethsydney.com.au/


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