PUMP Cell Phone Charger has been featured in Mr. Checkout What’s Hot Catalog for Direct-Store Delivery Distributors and Wagon-Jobbers Nationwide

PUMP Charger: Available in individual compact packaging or Universal Hangsell option

What instant Cell Phone Charging solution do you have for your customers?
Introducing the ‘new’ Solution:
PUMP Disposable Cell Phone Battery Chargers
Emergency Disposable Cell Phone Chargers
Up to 100 mins Charging time
Switch on/Off
Holds Charge for 5 Years until fully discharged
Ideal Emergency Charge
Fully Charged and ready to Use
Mini size charger and packaging
1400 mAh of Lithium Battery power output
Available in individual compact packaging for iPhone5/6/7 and Android

Finally an affordable Cell Phone Charging Solution ‘On the Go’

PUMP – Power Up My Phone, are Disposable Cell Phone Chargers, that provide up to 100 minutes of instant charge time, are very compact and portable, fits in your pocket or purse and holds charge for 5 years until fully discharged.

Simply plug into your Cell Phone, switch on, and provides instant charge to your phone – on the go.

Great for emergency charge – ‘On the Go’

About Pump Charger

The Pump Charger brand launched in January 2015. The Pump Charger product is an affordable & award winning emergency Cell Phone Charger, disposable, that plugs directly into your Cell Phone device.

Powered by 1,400mAh of Lithium Battery power output.

About Smartphone Trends

Smartphone Trends is an innovative company, designing and bringing new Cell Phone Accessories from around the world to retailers and consumers

We are an Australian company – Smartphone Trends, and have designed a brand new charging solution that was recently a finalist in an innovation award.

Greg Howe MD of Smartphone Trends said, “We are very excited at working with Mr Checkout”

This company is the go-to company to reach out to all Cstores distributors and Waggon-Jobbers Nationwide, and provide customers and consumers with innovative new products and trends.

Pump Charger is an innovative solution that allows consumers to purchase an Emergency Disposable Cell Phone Charger which provides up to 100 minutes of instant charging time, and holds charge for over 5 years until fully discharged. There are no leads, cords or power points needed. Just plug-in, switch on, and start charging while on the go.

Pump plugs straight into your Cell Phone, and provides immediate, portable charge.


Greg Howe 

Managing Director


Media Contact

Company Name: Smartphone Trends

Contact Person: Greg Howe

Email: info@smartphonetrends.com

Phone: +61457-777272

Country: Australia

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Media Contact
Company Name: Smartphone Trends
Contact Person: Greg Howe
Email: ghowe@smartphonetrends.com
Phone: +61457-777272
Country: United States
Website: http://mrcheckout.net/pump-phone-charger/