Transportation department puts out a bolo on the rising complaints on bed bugs consult with local pest control professionals

“Experienced exterminators Know what to look for is the first step in identifying and controlling bed bugs. There are many bugs that look like bed bugs so an accurate identification is a critical first step to avoid costly treatment for the wrong bug. The”
Bed bugs are great hitchhikers moving from an infested site to a new home by traveling on furniture, bedding, luggage, boxes, and clothing.Bedbugs typically feed on blood every five to ten days, bed bugs can be quite resilient; and are capable of surviving several months to a year without feeding. Bed bug infestation will develop in an office, classroom, or other non-residential environment, but can be a transfer hubs for bed bugs .

Soon it will be one of the highest travelled season in Seattle and thenation. Thanksgiving 2016 is near. Nasty bed bugs will hop a ride to makeit to destinations with the travelers. Thousands will be on the go fromcity to city, staying on all types of hotels, homes etc. during theholidays.

Pest control advice to Family, Friends and Relatives may come bearing unwanted gifts:

As a result of all if this travel the Bed Bugs may have hit the jackpot ingetting rides. Remember that the creepy bugs can remain in whichever formof transportation is being used to travel. When the traveler has reachedthe destination the bedbugs can be in suitcases, garment bags, tote bags,backpacks and purses. All areas visited can be exposed and be infested withbed bugs. This holds true for when the people journey back home. Keep inmind all vehicles exposed to the bed bugs will not be exempt frominfestation. Examples being trains, planes and automobiles. There is a hugechance that out if the thousands on the move during this highly travelledSeason someone somewhere is going to have a Bedbug Infestation. PestControl businesses will be kept very busy.

Professional pest control inspection to Identify bed bugs is number one:

So many people use all types of social media and keyword searches aremassive. Just type in bed bugs to identify or attempt to identify the bedbugs. Which will bring up photos and descriptions of the pests. Or coursethe other option would be to call a Pest Control professional. Theprofessional bed bug exterminator will ask for a description of what hasbeen observed. A Seattle resident found bedbugs as he unpacked his suitcaseafter hours of travel getting home. The tan color canvas type luggage wasperfect for hiding and revealed dark black like blood stains. Plus theitching was driving the guy crazy. Home sweet home became a nightmare. ASeattle Pest Control exterminator was notified immediately and the choicewas AMPM Exterminators.

For do-it-yourself pest control  How Bedbugs look like:

Mature bedbugs are flat, reddish brown and have no wings. The bugs arequick on it’s feet and after a blood meal will balloon up and turn adeeper red color. Adults can live an average of up to 1 year and eat often.

Bed Bug Infestation has positively been identified and what to do:

This stressed out Seattle resident learned that this Bed Bug infestationwas carried back home as a result of the Thanksgiving vacation. Once thecall was made to AMPM Exterminators the customer was advised to followspecific instructions for the preparation of the extermination process.These steps were to be followed to a tee, in order for the extermination tobe successful. It took about 3 days to get ready and the client called inthe professional bed bug exterminator to begin the elimination process.The first thing the pest control exterminator did was to positivelyidentify the bugs in order to begin the job.

The process began in all of the bedrooms because Bed bugs can be foundabout 5 feet away from beds.All bedding inspected along with the mattress, box spring and headboards.The technician was very thorough when inspecting the mattress seams on bothsides and under the box spring. Of course seeing live bed bugs and bloodstains was a sure sign there was an infestation. Other areas to look forbed bugs would be living room furniture, electronics, bookshelves, anythingclose to the bed. All of these steps are part of the Bed Bug proceduresthat the Seattle Pest Control expert asked the homeowner to follow inorder to take care the bed bug problem.

AMPM Exterminators, a very reputable company that gets the job done, was the choice:

The Seattle Pest Control company choice was AMPM Exterminators. Once thetechnician identified the invader recommendations on how to eliminate theproblem were discussed. Bedbug treatments are very extreme and theextermination ha to be done thoroughly to be successful in eliminating thepests. There is always a possibility that there may be a need more than onetreatment. AMPM Exterminators’ seasoned technician explained the veryimportant steps of preparation for treatment before the treatment couldbegin. Also pointed out that instructions for after treatment were just asimportant. Emphasis being that it is very crucial to follow allinstructions as directed. Not taking this seriously could result in havingto start the process all over again. The client felt very confident in thedecision to call AMPM Exterminators and the professionals got the job done.

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