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The rising popularity of smartphones and laptops is expected to drive the “e-book readers market”. Technological innovations such as e-ink and e-paper are anticipated to provide a boost to the market over the forecast period.

An electronic book or digital book is a book in computerized frame and comprise of both content and pictures. These books are intelligible on the electronic gadgets, for example, PC, cell phones and tablets. The rising popularity of smartphones and laptops is expected to drive the e-book readers market. Moreover, the environment protection campaigns from governments over the globe to save trees are decreasing the utilization of paper, which further encourages the demand for these readers. . However, the industry is estimated to have a slow growth owing to lack of investment by major players. Technological innovations such as e-ink and e-paper are anticipated to provide a boost to the market over the forecast period.

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The developing pattern of gathering data online for exploration and research activities is adding to the development of e-books industry. The delicacy of books to wear and tear and need of satisfactory consideration is further encouraging the industry growth. The business sector finds great development potential in nations where consumers can read in both English and also their primary language, which affects the volume offers of such books in a specific geology. In any case, it is vital to consider administrative structure for copyrights, which are essential in e-books setting. In this manner, the potential danger of piracy is the real test for the development of digital book market.

The late extension of conveyance stages and channels, particularly the e-retail, has conveyed distribution of e-books to an altogether new level. Globalization and digitization have made exercises, for example, book dispatch a worldwide occasion, focused towards worldwide readers. Subsequently, the distributed gatherings now have far-reaching geographic compass.  The rising cost in the print publishing along with the increasing production and distribution cost is enabling publishing houses to publish their books online. Moreover, e-book sellers and publishers are coming up new concepts and innovative offerings addressing the digital space. For instance, one of the innovative strategy includes e-single, which enables readers to purchase a particular section of the entire book instead of purchasing all chapters. The availability of applications such as ibooks and Google Books on smartphones is attracting a significant consumer base. Several book writers and publication agencies are collaborating with online portals such as Amazon, kindle bookstore and flipkart to offer e-books online. Further, the decreasing prices of e-book readers are augmenting the overall consumption of these devices. Expanding young demographics and the growing digitalization of comic and literature books are expected to increase the demand for such readers. Benefits such as social media sharing, and readability across multiple devices is appealing to the younger generation of readers.

According to the International Publishers Association, economies such as the U.S., China, Germany, Japan, France and U.K represented 60% of the overall e-book readers. The growing popularity of digitization and accessibility along with the development of digital books industry is contributing to the industry growth in these regions. Moreover, high internet speeds is increasing the demand for electronic books over printed ones.

There are a few aggregators and merchants in the worldwide digital book market, for example, ACK Media, Andrews UK Limited, Bookbaby, Smashwords, Pigeon Labs, Tertiary Publishing, Ciando, Dawson France, eBook Architects, Green Apple Data Center, and Planet Media. Furthermore, numerous instructive and expert associations assume imperative part in offering proficient training by distributed ebooks. A portion of the major instructive associations incorporates Scholaristic India, Hurix, Learnetic, Piron Corporation, and Oneclick among others. Some of the prominent online stages accessible in the business sector are 24 Symbol, Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek (DDB), La Librairie Numérique Africaine, Nubico, Skoobe and Yindo among others.

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