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For Marinating, Grilling or Dipping!
If you are looking for a high quality marinade, sauce, or rub, you’ve come to the right place. At Wyoming Sauce Company we will give you quality products at affordable prices, to include quality services you will come to expect and enjoy. We offer exceptional marinade and sauce products.

“It’s not just a marinade, sauce, or rub… it’s so much more!”

Give our Wyoming Sauce Co. products a try… We know you will be back for more!

Based in Gillette, WY. Wyoming Sauce Co. is a marketer of high-quality, brand-name sauce and marinade products for consumers to enjoy throughout the world. We offer high-quality products, to include new product line development of sauces, marinades and rubs that are shelf-stable ready for retail.

Wyoming Sauce Co. is built on a set of family principles that we call Customer Satisfaction and Guarantee. We believe in doing business in ways that we treat every customer like they are family. We try to keep quality and integrity at the highest standards of our operations.

Sweet Cheyenne Marinade

Bottled 16 oz. marinade with a medley of soy and garlic, combined with our sweet buttery sauce, to make a flavor that is a cut above the rest that compliments your beef, poultry, pork, seafood and more!

Bold Faithful – wing sauce

Bottled 16 oz. wing sauce where we took everything you like in a buffalo-style wing sauce and made it better with a flavor like no other. Goes great on everything, plus, “Melts in your mouth!”

Rustic Ramshorn – BBQ Sauce

Bottled 16 oz. BBQ sauce. Early cookbooks did not intend to include recipes for barbecue sauces… That goes for our Rustic Ramshorn Flavor too! Culmination of tomatoes, spices, and more spices with no end to the flavor chain! You’ll enjoy this one, Guaranteed!

Tasty Teton – Gourmet ketchup

Bottled 16 oz. Gourmet Ketchup that is without a doubt, the bold American blend of tomatoes, vinegar, sugar, spices and salt, that is pure pleasure on Burgers, Fries, Hot dogs and more!

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