November 3, 2016: Battfix has announced that it will be providing battery replacement kit and step by step guides for all the popular versions of iPhone. Moreover, the website is also offering shopping solutions for batteries and adhesives used for iPhone battery replacement. Unlike most of the common smartphones, Apple’s iPhone has an internal battery and replacing that built-in battery can be a problem sometimes. Battfix is offering effective solutions for this problem for the most popular American phone used extensively worldwide.

Featured on Amazon under the cellphone and accessories category, Battfix’s store offers several products used in the maintenance of the phone including batteries, glass screen protectors, adhesives and much more. All these products are available in stock at Amazon for discounted prices and free shipping with amazon prime.

“We provide an easy step by step guide and the best iPhone battery replacement repair kit for people who are looking to change a faulty battery from their phone.” Says the website of Battfix. Replacement of iPhone’s battery can be problematic, and if the issue is ignored, the battery gets swollen, and the performance of the battery is reduced. 

Due to the weak battery, the standby time, as well as the talk time, is decreased, and users face several problems. Moreover, if the battery issue ignored and it is not replaced on time, it gets swelled up and sometimes shatters the display screen of iPhone due to the pressure built inside the phone by the swollen battery. The shattering occurs with an explosion and can be very hazardous to the health of the user because tiny glass particles of the iPhone screen can penetrate skin or eyes very easily.

The guides available at Battfix help its customers to fix the problem by self-replacing their iPhone battery. Several guides are offered by Battfix for all the popular versions of iPhone including the latest ones. Most battery issues occurred with the old and used iPhone versions of 4s, 5 and 5s, however, guides are also available for 6, 6s and 7 versions of the Apple iPhone.

These guides help the users step-by-step and enable them to understand what is inside the casing of their iPhone. With pictures and video tutorials that are easy to understand by the non-technical users, these tutorials are loved by anyone. The way Battfix has made it easier for its customers to fix their iPhones is amazing, and there is no other place online to offer such simple solutions that can be used by the millions of users online.



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