Divine treats for body, mind and soul

November, London: Divine Yoga Shop has announced that it will be offering exciting products and services to the yogis all around the world. The shop is also offering charity services for the thousands of underprivileged individuals. The magical abilities of Yoga have amazing effects on the mind, body and soul and Divine Yoga Shop aim to extract the maximum out of this ancient phenomenon for relaxation both for inner and outer peace. The team is based in London, but the services are offered on a global scale.

In a statement by the Founder/ Director- Divine Yoga Shop, Khushboo Singh, “Yoga provides answers to life’s toughest questions and everyone has the divine right to Yoga irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Yoga Shopping is booming and Internet is full of ecommerce and online buying. The question is how many of them provide a truly satisfying and ethically uplifting shopping experience? With ads hovering around the website, promotions and offers to grab- the entire shopping experience becomes like a transaction in a busy fish market. Divine Yoga Shop is a relaxing & a rejuvenating shopping experience- like an hour or 2 well spent in a Spa”

This humble habitat of all the yoga enthusiasts worldwide has the primary aim of enhancing health and fitness. Those individuals who believe in a natural lifestyle and simple living finds themselves joyful and at peace with this ultimate experience. Divine Yoga Shop offers a comprehensive combination of divine treats. The treats include natural solutions for soul, mind and body. Natural Yoga Accessories offered by the shop include all natural skin care products, yoga-style home furnishing and interior designing. Moreover, jewelries and other yoga related accessories such as Mantra Bowls, Scented Candles, Romantic Candle Holders, Gift Boxes and much more available at the shop for the lovers of yoga.

Jewelries available at Divine Yoga Shop are not only fancy in their own way, but also exotic and attractive.  They are nature-inspired and made of seeds and rice kernel. Several earrings are available with stunning designs for women to wear in style. Other accessories such as colorful cushion covers, bamboo baskets and gift baskets are available at stunningly reasonable prices. The user reviews have been phenomenal and the global shipping makes them more desirable. Most beauty products are available at prices as low as 1.99 GBP. Due to the exciting ongoing Christmas sale, the number of orders have been exceeded.

Yoga is all about creating peace and satisfaction. Therefore, Divine Yoga Shop also makes the buying experience of their customers more peaceful. Primarily, the products are soothing and relaxing and on top of that, the money earned from the products is spent on the underprivileged in charity venture of Divine Yoga Shop. This gives its customers the ultimate satisfaction and a feeling of pride for doing good for the society.

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Company Name: Divine Yoga Shop
Contact Person: Khushboo Singh
Email: support@divineyogashop.co.uk
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website: http://www.divineyogashop.co.uk/