Arthur S. Newman’s book “Ever Tangled With Lightning” gives a preview into a young child\’s world

The brilliant and award-winning writer, Arthur S. Newman, has touched and excited a lot of souls through the numerous books he has written. He is pleased to announce his most precious book titled “Ever Tangled With Lightning.” A book that has the potential to really touch both young and old and really cause them to recapture and relive that lost childhood. “Have you ever look at a child at play and wonder? What is really going through their minds? If you could see this process, you would be astonished. This would be both amazing and frightful. It would be liberating and yet captivating, and this is what this book is all about” Arthur S. Newman said.

“This book is filled with a lot of humor and a little mystery. I really enjoyed reading a book that reminds me of childhood. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a funny, enjoyable and fast read and wants something that brings back an interesting childhood memory. I cherished the great and delightful characters that Arthur S. Newman has visualized here on the printed page. I was drawn right along through this book, and I giggled all the way. The quality of writing was very good and made me read this novel in one sitting.” A happy reader said.

Every page of the book is written with a special touch; some will make the reader laugh so hard while some will bring tears to the readers’ eye. It’s a book people can buy for their loved ones. It could be their parent, friend, or anybody. This essential book has been published on Amazon and distributed in USA, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world. It is also available through iBooks. For more info about the book or to purchase the book, please go to

About the author

Arthur S. Newman is among one of the few talented writers out there. He wanted to draw and write from his childhood. He entered his first drawing contest when He was four years old, but he was denied entry to a contest because they could not believe he drew the picture at that tender age of four. At that point, he abandoned the dream of becoming a world famous artist. He later started reading books by the boat load in between getting in trouble for his over active imagination. Shortly after that, he started writing poems which later turned into songs but he never had the courage to reach for anything greater than his own satisfaction. He has self-published a couple of his songs and a couple of books too. For further information, please go to

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