Nudge Notes Anonymous Email Report Great Reactions

Nudge Notes Anonymous Email system is nearing worldwide launch, and the feedback from bête test is very strong. Robert Wright, PhD Behaviorist has steadily re-written many nudges and added new sections to, to encourage a positive experience for both the sender and the recipient.

Nudge Notes, a totally free anonymous email social media, which allows the user to send constructive criticism or compliments to co-workers, family and friends, is getting positive reviews.

Early adaptors find Nudge Notes anonymous email easy to use and observe that the precipitants of the Nudge, in many cases show signs of taking advice almost immediately. “I sent my co-worker an anonymous nudge note about a hygiene issue and the results were immediate” said early adaptor Robert Washick “at least for a few days now the bad habit has been corrected.”

“During the test Phase many new features have been added to Nudge Notes” said Robert Hansen CEO “we have added a section of Nudge Notes anonymous email designed to reach politicians, even a simple search to give users access to emails of local and national politicians emails by zip code to make it that much easier to send a nudge” The political Nudges are both positive re-enforcement and encouragements to change actions, but not of a specific issue or political nature.

“I find the positive Nudge Note section, suggested by Robert Wright, PhD (behaviorist) to be the most encouraging sign that is maturing into a fully functioning social media” said Thomas R. Reich PhD of Professional Marketing Associates. “Bob helped create a section of Nudge Notes anonymous email selections of a totally positive nature, to re-enforce, thank and compliment recipients” Reich added.

Dan Majovski, Project Programmer remarked “This new social media is really taking shape, the traffic is growing daily and we get lots of positive messages of encouragement.” is still in Beta test, yet is open and available for anyone to try 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Dan added “Nudge Notes anonymous email was designed to be always free to the user and always will be free to the user”

NudgeNotes.Com will launch officially in about a month, but even now anyone can go to the site and send a totally anonymous Nudge right away. The site is open and functioning. Reich added “We definitely appreciate all feedback from our growing worldwide user base, and are actively evolving Nudge Notes Anonymous email right up to the launch date.”

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Robert Hansen, CEO Nudge Notes
Dan Majovski, Project Programmer
Robert Wright, PhD Behaviorist

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