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London, UK – Although it isn’t a new concept, the idea that cigarettes are harmful has finally made its way into pop culture. Long gone are the days when smoking a cigarette was the “cool” or “hip” thing to do. Now, they’re largely viewed as completely cancerous, harmful, and downright obnoxious to the people around them. Many smokers are well aware of this stigma and these facts, but have trouble actually giving it up. Thankfully, there’s a new solution to aid in the abandonment of smoking — vaping. And leading the way in helping new users find what works for them is a new, information-packed website called

Vaping is the new trend that seems to be taking the world by storm. From America to Europe to the furthest point East, the trend sticks everywhere it goes. “The average tobacco-based cigarette contains hundreds of harmful carcinogens and several dangerous chemicals and toxins,” explains a representative of Sthreesolutions. “The only ingredient that an e-cig has in common is a small amount of nicotine. And studies have recently discovered that nicotine is no more addictive than the average dose of caffeine” Some people don’t know it’s actually the tobacco smoke in cigarettes that consumers really need to stay away from.

According to an infographic recently put together by Sthreesolutions, many countries have several million vapers. The United States, for example, has between 15 and 21 million vapers—and that’s with some politicians passing harmful regulations and taxes on them in an attempt to keep afloat the decaying cigarette industry. Plus, fewer than 4% of people who have never smoked a real cigarette are trying them, so it’s not creating any bad habits, just dropping them.

Poland, a relatively smaller country, contains one of the largest vaping populations in the entirety of Europe. Home to several thousand vape shops and online markets, there are even “vapemeets” organized in major cities within the country every year. When the way of life came under attack from legislators in 2015, many individuals petitioned to the President of Poland and to their respective MPs and MEPs to protest.

Another smaller country with a large vaping population is Belgium. The country is home to 50,000 vapers, as well as slightly laxer tax laws than other countries. Although vaping outside of a designated smoking area is banned, individuals are welcome to bring in their own personal import of refills even with nicotine. There are also no laws restricting the sales of refills, cartridges, or attempting to rid the country of promotional or sale-focused material based around the habit.

Although some countries’ governments seem intent on keeping cigarettes as the main habit and cause of cancer in their respective societies, individuals and freethinkers are saying “no thanks” at a more and more considerable rate. The number of people vaping in each country is on the rise, as more smokers are finally realizing just how harmful tobacco base products really are. Some may believe this trend is just a trend that will fade with time. Geographically, though, it isn’t; it’s taken the world by storm. As long as it does exist, Sthreesolutions is sure to remain at the forefront of fad online— presenting in depth descriptions and reviews, helping vapers to find the e-cig that’s just right for them.

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