California marijuana legalization may spark a historic rally in marijuana stocks.

Marijuana stocks are really starting to light up. Over the past few months many weed stocks have seen their share prices more than double. Some are even up more than 1,000% – in just the last few months. The reason is quite simple: California Legalization. Game changing legislation looks like a sure fire bet in California, which in itself is the world’s 6th largest economy. A passing vote in California for the full legalization of marijuana will be a final nail in the coffin for marijuana prohibition in America. An end to a very evil and very destructive era is finally amongst us. This November 8th will mark the end to the war on marijuana in America. The scales will have permanently tipped.

So how can investors profit from this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity? Well, maybe not once, but this election will certainly be the biggest and most important floodgate to open yet for marijuana legalization in America. Full legalization in California alone will increase access to recreational pot for over 5X more Americans (yes, 5 times!) compared to Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington combined. Most marijuana stocks trade over-the-counter so proceed with caution and never risk more than you are prepared to lose. If you have some risk capital, many of these stocks will likely see some truly unbelievable gains over the coming months.

A few of the biggest gainers in past marijuana legalization runs in 2014 and 2012 may turn out to be the leaders of this upcoming mega-run as well. Some heavily traded marijuana stocks include NGBL (Notis Global), AGTK (Agritek), VRCI (Verde Science), VAPE (Vape Holdings), BTFL (Monarch America), MJMJ (The MaryJane Group) and PZOO (Pazoo). Many of these marijuana stocks are trading for a tiny fraction of their previous 3 year highs reached in 2014. A few of these pot stocks have skyrocketed to 3 year highs that are over 500X (500 times!) above their current stock prices. These marijuana stocks may present the best potential to secure life changing gains if California passes marijuana legalization on November 8th.

Other names like ZDPY (Zoned Properties), CANN (General Cannabis), CVSI (CV Sciences), SRNA (Surna), PHOT (Grow Life) and HEMP (Hemp, Inc) are seemingly more established players with higher market capitalizations and many currently trade in the dollars rather than pennies per share. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe these companies as well will participate in the upcoming buying frenzy and realize significant gains but likely not the monstrous, life-changing percentage returns possible from the 1st group of marijuana stocks mentioned in this article. 

A completely free online resource that lists most of the actively traded marijuana stocks can be found at which ranks them all using a 1 to 5 star rating system based on their 3 year stock price highs compared to their current stock price. The greater the potential gain (by returning to or surpassing 3 year highs from current price levels) is reflected in a higher star rating. Very helpful for quickly identifying some of the most undervalued marijuana stocks with the potential to become the superstar performers of the upcoming election results media coverage and subsequent buying frenzy in legal weed stocks. 

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride – this could be one for the record books!

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