Brave single mom inspiring people to love themselves through positive home decor stuff

“I am my own best friend” aims to boost positivity, confidence, self-love and self-esteem in people all over through motivational quotes, tips, inspiring home decor products & public speaking.

Acworth, Georgia, November 4, 2016: Life throws us challenges but smart are the ones who know how to wade through such tricks to stand up and fulfill their dreams. However, such immense positivity demands strong will power, confidence and self-esteem and most of us are not even close to that. But there seems to be hope, especially when single mom Michelle Pierre dares to take leap of faith & follows her dreams regardless of financial woes, there seems to be hope. Despite a packed family life with 3 kids, Michelle has successfully launched her own e-commerce business “I am my own best friend” that aims to instill confidence, self-love and self-esteem in all through positive home decor stuff.



I Am My Own Best Friend is exclusively about igniting wholesome goodness all across the globe through motivational quotes, tips as well as products and public speaking. We wish to spread love as much as possible because we believe that all of us deserve to be loved”, stated Michelle while talking about her platform.

“We all have experienced pitfalls of low self-esteem & the depression arising from it is extremely damaging. Nobody wants to witness that and here at ‘I Am My Own BF’, we aim to help you in seeing the beauty within you. Yes, each one of us is flawed yet then there’s beauty in that as well and you will always find progression in the imperfections. Yes, each one of us is beautiful in her/his own unique ways and you have to realize that. It’s our mission here to inspire you to take care of yourself, be it with our affirmative quotes or motivating products-because self-care and self-love are indispensable for healthy self-esteem. All our products are picked, designed and crafted from heart and you are sure to fill that warmth at our website.”


A great figure to look up to, Michelle will be an inspiration for many. Like most, she too had her share of struggles in the form of a painful break-up and a turbulent financial state but she did not let her adversities to stop her from making her mark. A firm believer in Oprah’s famous saying “Life will teach you if you let it”, Michelle is upfront in grabbing every opportunity to improve her life and she passes on that same empowering essence to everyone around her through her website


I Am My Own Best Friend is bustling with a versatile range of home decor and lifestyle goodies. Visitors can choose from shower curtains, framed prints, customized pillows, floor mats, coasters, affirmative posters and so on. Coffee mugs, t shirts, tote bags zinged up with spirited quotes are available as well.



I Am My Own Best Friend is designed to be a game-changing movement that acts to remind & encourage all about self-love. Unless we love ourselves we cannot develop that high self-esteem needed to fight for and reach our dream goals. We all should understand that despite several trials in life we can be successful – if only we know that we are worth that desired success.”

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