Ride in Style: Airwheel R5 Electric Power Bicycle

If you are of the mind that traditional bicycle, cars and buses are not sufficient for getting around. Airwheel is coming up with novel ways to get from A to B that aims to minimize the riders’ effort, to increase mobility and maximize fun-having. Electric bicycles have been a staple of riding in our daily life. If you need to get around the big city, you can forget walking and try Airwheel R5 electric power bicycle.

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E-bikes are believed to be one of the best short-haul riding solutions on the market. You can go anywhere and park anywhere, no license and no insurance. Airwheel R5 e bike looks like a fashion and sophisticated urban cycle. But R5 comes with a hidden bonus: an embedded 235w powerful hub motor that can propel you to speed up maximum 20km per hour.

Airwheel R5 e bike

With branded Li-ion battery, the power source extends the range of the bike far past your own limbs. Except for the power-assisted mode, the installed chain and pedals allows you to ride R5 by man-power. Ride as traditional bicycle, you can not only lose weight, but also keep well-proportioned body. Technology in R5 electric moped bike can make your life smarter and also healthier.  Riding R5 to work or the shops is one of the most time-efficient ways to combine regular exercise your everyday routine.

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And the best part? All the components are housed within the frame. Light aluminum alloy frame with car-level painting tech makes R5 sleek and corrosion resistance. Plus, R5 citizen e-bike can be quickly folded by only three steps. Folded to small space, the weight of R5 electric assist bike is about 18.5kg. You can store at home and office easily without worrying about the parking lots. Foldable-featured, you can also put R5 in the car trunk. R5 is always ready for your next ride for transport, recreation and sport.

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Airwheel R5 electric aided-bicycle is a mode of transport that you can easily carry around, charge via a wall outlet and ride for miles, blowing through traffic and zipping up hills. All the fashions and accessories you need to ride even without breaking a sweat. R5 is about the experience and thrill and the enjoyment of getting around the planet by bike.

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