Smart Airwheel Folding Electric Bike – A Cool Solution for Short Travel

Airwheel E series foldable e bikes can always be your go-to rig. For starters, they’re light, easy-to-learn. Sometimes, less is more. Don’t judge on appearance. Convenient and potable features make Airwheel e series unique, which deserves your attention.

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Cycling with Airwheel Smart Electric Bike is a great way to enjoy a short travel. You will be relaxed and healthy. As a bonus, you will be able to see the natural beauty all around us. Aside from the health benefits and fun of cycling with Airwheel E series bikes, cycling does not pollute, thus keeps the air clean. So why not cycle E3 or E6 as a means of transport for short-distance travel? Different from the traditional 2-wheeled bikes, Airwheel E bikes are rechargeable, which will make your travel more labor-saving.

Airwheel Smart Electric Bike

Apart from the basic riding skills of moving off, slowing down and progressive braking, Airwheel intelligent e bikes make it all easy. With one key to accelerate and intelligent EBS design, all these operations can be made with no difficulties. The multi-functional handlebar is equipped with bell, headlight and phone holder. A good bell can make your travel smooth. With the convenient design, you can put your phone at the phone holder. All these details will make you travel safely and smoothly.

Even for a short travel, the performance of Airwheel folding e bike is also important, such as the battery capacity. With these concerns, Airwheel makes an improvement in E series bikes. It can realize the charging in two ways. You can charge by directly insert the power source or removing the battery. You can also have a backup battery, which will double your battery time and make you go further.


Short travels with Airwheel smart e bikes are one of the popular pastimes. Riding Airwheel E3 and E6 is a cool experience. Small body is full of more possibilities, which allows you to travel more flexibly on the road. The light aluminum material and multiple foldable designs allow you to carry it easily when it comes to stairs. You can ride it and travel around or pack it into the trunk of your car to go further to the places you have not arrived.

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