Who says Angels will be at Every Voting Booth?

CLEVELAND AREA – 11/7/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Since 1985, Maureen Sweeney-Kyle of the Cleveland area has received a series of messages from Heaven. On October 19 and 20, 2016. Mary, the Blessed Mother of Jesus  appeared and said: “Dear children, this is the election when you must not take everything at face value – not polls, not election results, not the lies of politicians. There is such an undertow of evil which is not visible. If you are not prudent and wise, you will be easily misled. God’s Will is pulling one way and man’s will is pulling another. If you cannot distinguish good from evil, prudence and wisdom escape your grasp.”

“These are no longer innocent times, but dangerous times. The dragon awaits any opening. He advises his instruments in the world of what is to come by way of Truth. His servants then prepare their defense based upon lies.”

“I am sending a myriad of angels into the world on Election Day. They will be stationed at every voting booth and will not weary in their protection. Even now I am uncovering voter fraud. Do not fear so much as you trust.”

And on October 20th:”Dear children, I will need your help on the upcoming Presidential Election Day. As I stated, I am assigning angels at every voting booth. These angels will attempt to help the voters in discerning good from evil. I need you to pray to these angels throughout the day. Pray like this:”

“Dear Heavenly Angels, you are watching over this election and each voter in a special way. Help each voter to see clearly the choices between good and evil. Strengthen them in their resolve to choose good which reflects the Truth. Amen.”

 Further messages from Heaven are published at holylove.org.

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