Brides now have exclusive Bridal lashes for “The” Special-day with Icona Lashes

For the first time, Austin-based Icona Lashes is bringing occasion-centric, premium Wedding Collection false lashes for the brides, bridesmaids and bachelorette parties. All the lashes are cruelty-free and handcrafted from premium synthetic fibers

Austin,TX, November 7, 2016: From the bridal gown to the tiara to the silver stiletto-everything has to be special when you are heading to the altar. But, what about the lashes? Every bride had always wished for something exclusive for their beautiful eyes when it’s their Special-day yet the style scene doesn’t offer anything beyond the regular options, until now. For the first time ever, Austin-based Icona Lashes has created premium occasion-centric lash packages so that brides don’t have to settle for the typical ones that they wear for their casual hangouts.

The pioneer in occasion-centric lashes, Icona Lashes is extending a vast range of wedding collection lashes, crafted especially for the gala celebration.



“Special celebrations always call for a special stance. When we can have exclusive bridal gowns and jewelry, then why not lashes which are specially packaged for this occasion? ” noted a leading spokesperson from Icona Lashes.

“After all, the eyes are the window to the soul and you certainly wish to look exceptional when your soon to be husband looks into your eyes while taking the vows. The market features nothing beyond the regular false lashes and thus we are here with the first-ever occasion-centric Bridal Collection false lash packages- for that coveted dream look on your dream day. All of our tailored lashes are accompanied by beautiful messages, complementing the exclusive flavor of the celebration”, she smiled.



From simplistic yet elegant for the minimalist bride to the full glam bride, the Bridal Collection has premium false lashes for every taste.

But the bridal package is not the only thing that makes up Icona Lash’s breakthrough Wedding Collection. As no bride is complete without her bridesmaids, the company has also come up with a special Bridesmaid Collection.



“Most of the times, the bridesmaid goody bags are packed with things which are not put into use the day of the big day. But you can change it now by offering our Bridesmaid Collection lashes to your besties which would complete their exclusive look on their BFF’s wedding day. Akin to the Bridal Collection, our Bridesmaid lashes too come with beautiful messages that make them even more adorable.”

Speaking further, the company manager also mentioned the Bachelorette Collection that has been especially designed by keeping in mind the wild fun spirit of the bachelorette parties. The entire collection goes perfectly for both daytime & nighttime activities.



“Our game-changing Wedding Collection is here to make your wedding even more special, both for the bride and her besties. The best bit is that we only offer the most premium handcrafted lashes made from synthetic fibers and all our lashes are completely cruelty-free. With us, you will always end up looking more confident and gorgeous than ever for the most cherished celebrations of your life”, the manager added in.

Icona Lashes false lashes complement any eye shape & makeup look and can be worn several times.

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