Syoptek manufactures high quality passive accessories for fiber optic networks

Syoptek is a specialized manufacturer and designer of top-graded fiber optic network components. All these products are quality certified.

The network of fiber optic is becoming an ideal platform to transfer and receive communication signals easily from one destination to another. To ensure smooth running of this latest medium it is quite important to use specially designed components that will deliver seamless performance under all conditions. There are various agencies that are involved in producing fiber optic components to support this network. Syoptek International Limited is one such agency that is specialized in manufacturing and designing superior quality passive components to guarantee smooth function of fiber optic network. All its products are based on standard international criteria to meet the diverse needs of clients. The company has its own factory where the quality of each and every item is thoroughly inspected in different stages of production.

The company supplies top-graded mechanical fiber optic switch which is based on Advanced Optoelectronic Integrated Technology. This switch is normally used to connect optical channels by redirecting an incoming optical signal into a selected output fiber. This is normally achieved by using an Opto-mechanical proprietary configuration and activated via an electrical control signal. This device is not affected by the polarization and wavelength. It offers ultra-high reliability, fast switching speed, low insertion loss and bi-directional performance. This product can support and improve overall system cost to meet global demand of large bandwidth network.

The agency offers latest range of CWDM components that can easily suit every application. This product allows users to increase the capacity of the existing fiber. Clients can obtain detail information on the features and specifications of these components once visiting the official website of this company. The company also has the required capabilities to build a customized fiber optic tool kit as per the exact requirements of buyers. The sale engineers of this Chinese agency also offer valuable custom designing guidelines to customers so as to obtain the appropriate tool kit of one’s choice and expectation.

Syoptek manufactures high quality passive accessories for fiber optic networks

The firm has also attracted the attention of clients for offering advanced DWDM components in different configurations to ensure smooth running of fiber optic system. These mechanical components deliver high stability while performing in different conditions. The company has also developed fiber certification kits for specific markets within the communication industry. These certified kits are quite useful for technicians who are involved in-first line optical fiber cabling installing and verification. These products also assist to gauge the power level and loss as well as help to inspect and clean connector end faces.

About Syoptek International Limited

Syoptek International Limited is a Hong-Kong based company that was established in 2005. It is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of high quality fiber optic passive components. The company also offers professional services and accepts customized orders. To know more, customers can visit website of this company.

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