VitaMonk Announces the Launch of their New Pterostilbene 50mg Supplement

The Exciting New Supplement from VitaMonk is Now Available for Purchase on

VitaMonk, a very popular and fast-growing natural products company, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new pterostilbene 50mg supplement. The product is now available for sale on and is getting excellent feedback from people who have tried it.

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As a company spokesperson noted, pterostilbene has been increasingly popular amongst people looking for a supplement that may provide antioxidant support and DNA repair. That’s because pterostilbene has been shown to potentially combat free radicals, provide anti-inflammatory effects, and lessen the oxidative stress on cells.

The spokesperson also noted that pterostilbene is often referred to an improved version of resveratrol and similarly it may help protect against cognitive decline. Indeed several studies have suggested that pterostilbene might help with cognition, memory, and learning, while also potentially increasing dopamine.

Each VitaMonkpterostilbene 50mg bottle comes with 60 capsules, with one capsule per serving. This means that every bottle provides up to full two months of use. Additionally, VitaMonk fully stands behind their product and is offering a 100% money back guarantee.

VitaMonk uses only the highest quality ingredients and takes safety very seriously ensuring that their products strictly follow GMP compliance. Every VitaMonk Pterostilbene 50mg bottle is made in the USA so you can be assured of its quality. To learn more about this excellent new product visit the Amazon product page to learn more.

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