Five Little Monkeys, the Nursery Rhyme and Animated Video Song makes learning time, a fun filled one for kids

07.11.2016 – Nursery Rhymes have always played a vital role in the upbringing of kids, as the verses of the rhymes teaches the toddlers and kids about some of the fascinating things around them. This explains why the learning time of kids are always filled with Children’s Nursery Rhymes Video Songs about different animals, birds and colours. Five Little Monkeys is one such interesting rhyme that is available as a video song and can make kids fall in love with the lyrics instantly. This rhyme is actually a folk song written in English language that can be taught to kids easily using gestures with fingers. Teachers and the parents can find this popular rhyme by clicking at the YouTube link, The link also has the wordings of the rhyme written beneath the video to help the people teach their kids about Five Little Monkeys easily.

This rhyme, Five Little Monkeys is animated in an interesting fashion featuring colourful animals like monkeys, lion, giraffe, pandas and gorilla to grab the attention of small kids right away. The rhyme is featured against the backdrop of lush green forest and shows a huge bed full of green leaves where the monkeys jump and have fun. The rhyme is composed with impressive music with drums, piano, bongo drums and cymbals to make it easier for the kids to learn the verses quickly. The rhythm of this rhyme about Five Little Monkeys is very simple and catchy that makes the kids to chant it immediately. This nursery rhyme is very funny and has latest graphics and animation to show 5 monkeys jumping on the bed, in an interesting fashion.

Parents and teachers can teach this interesting rhyme using a sequence of finger gestures to mimic the verses. They can introduce numbers to children using this song, as every successive verse of Five little monkeys counts down in sequential fashion right from the beginning number. Children will love this song as soon as they watch the video, as it features 5 naughty monkeys doing mischievous activities like jumping on the bed and playing. Mr. Anand Mishra offers this interesting children’s nursery rhymes video song on YouTube. One can find more videos offered by him by subscribing the YouTube channel at the link,–2y6wetrGe3eQasA.

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