The pioneering and mind-bending Augmented Reality novel, November Fox by author E.E. Bertram, receives great response on Amazon

November Fox-Book 1 is a sci-fi/fantasy book by E.E. Bertram that has received great feedback from the customers on Amazon, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, raised over £11000 for the Limited first edition. Owing to the huge demand by the customers, the book is currently available for a limited period discounted price on Amazon. “November Fox” is definitely not your typical novel. Not only does the author provide music to listen to while reading the novel (on her linked webpage), she also promises that the book’s illustrations are interactive and multilayered with the use of Augmented Reality, and they can be unlocked by an App the reader can download to a digital device. “What an amazing roller coaster of a book”, says Amazon user J. Roslyn.

The book, promises to take the readers on a journey through different realities, which will make them question their perceptions of reality. The protagonist of the story, November Fox finds herself discovering newer dimensions not known to her or anyone else after a magical teleporting cube appears at her doorstep. She is an orphan rock star and takes this opportunity to discover the mysteries of the world and her inner self. The Architect, from the race of philosophical beings has been watching her throughout her life but she’s unaware of it. The story includes multiple dimensions of this world and presents a possibility of facts that exist beyond this world as everyone knows. Erica, a London-basedteacher, and writer find a letter written by the architect in a glass bottle that has been washed ashore on Brighton beach.

The story moves further as Erica finds herself following the quest led by November. The story is a metaphysical adventure that is targeted to the readers who love science fiction and fantasy stories that present a vivid imagination. Revolving between time and space, November realizes that she has to harness the power of her mind and heart if she wishes to unlock the mysteries of the cube. The book also comes with 39 illustrations that make use of the Augmented Reality technology, allowing the readers to access 3D interactive elements, videos, and related music project.

This creative and pioneering project from E.E. Bertram is a great example of what is possible when you combine technology with art.

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