Gritty and Glorious, ‘I’m Still Standing’ Lays Bare the Full Story of Mildred Muhammad’s Fight against Abuse, Violence and Isolation.

Oxon Hill, Maryland, (November 7, 2016) – Survivors of domestic abuse do not need scars to prove they are victims. Mildred Muhammad, a survivor and now a certified advocate and motivational speaker, brings this out with unequalled force in her forthcoming book, ‘I’m Still Standing’, which rounds up her previous memoir that showed how domestic violence wrecks entire families. The self-published book is scheduled for launch on January, 2017.

The fight against fear, isolation and societal disapprobation is never easy for women. ‘I’m Still Standing’ follows Mildred’s story from where she left it in the first part, ‘Sacred Silent’, and reveals the circumstances of her ex-husband John Allen Muhammad’s conviction and execution. The memoir takes the reader into the minds of her three young children and their reactions on learning that their father was to be executed for the October 2002 sniper killings he carried out in Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. The memoir proceeds to detail her fight with adversity, negative media descriptions, victim-blaming, and threats from community members.

Though innocent, Mildred Muhammad and her children walked through fire, only to come out stronger and more determined than ever. We also learn, through law enforcement, that she was the target of her ex-husband’s fury during that time. ‘I’m Still Standing’ is a celebration of how, driven into isolation, she fought her way back to a normal life with resilience, strength and faith in God. Today, as a recognized author, speaker, certified domestic abuse and awareness advocate, Mildred wants to share the concluding part of her life’s journey to inspire other women who find themselves in similar situations.

“This book should be required reading for any self-help seminar or course… This book was taken from the actual journals of the author documenting not only her thoughts, but the actual emotions she was feeling at the time,” said one reviewer.

WROC-TV, New York, describes Mildred as ‘one of the most powerful advocates for victims and survivors of domestic violence.’ Apart from her memoirs, she is also the author of ‘Dare to Heal’, ‘Planning My Escape’ and ‘Survivor’s Journal’. ‘I’m Still Standing’ ignites a light of hope for other women in a gritty, raw and emotional narrative, making it a must-read for all women.

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