Bread Winner Nation Remo’s First Mixtape, Billboards, Set to Debut December 25th, 2016

Louisainna, USA – Bread Winner Nation, the groundbreaking label boasting some of the hottest new names of hip hop in its roster, has recently signed the up-and-coming artist Remono Smith (stage name: Remo).

Kevin Gates, the young, trailblazing rapper who has already seen three of his mixtapes enter the top 40 of the Billboard 200 chart, has been a lifelong inspiration and mentor to Remo. As a result, Remo’s signing with the Bread Winner Nation label signifies not only the beginning of what is sure to be a thrilling career, but also Gates’s unique ability to recognize potential and give a platform to emerging artists.

Remo, who was previously unsigned, has poured his creative forces into crafting Billboards, his sensational debut mixtape. The tape’s first track, Crzy, has already accrued thousands of views on the artist’s YouTube page. More tracks are set to be released on the video platform, to coincide with the release of Billboards.

Lyricism, unique flow, melodious beats and a fresh perspective on life are some of the definitive traits of Remo’s tracks. Much in the spirit of Bread Winner Nation and Bread Winner’s Association artistry, Remo’s work is familiar, yet strays from the over-produced, lacking-authenticity tracks that are often released with the intention to claim a spot in hip hop’s top charts.

Billboards is a testament to Remo’s skills, which shine through every beat and verse. While it is only his first mixtape, it sets the stage for Remo’s future works, which are sure to be expected with anticipation. Remo will remain actively creative under the auspices of Bread Winner Nation’s elite group of producers and staff.

Interest in Remo’s work is peaking, while the artist is gearing up for Billboards’ Christmas Day release. A press tour and media coverage is sure to ensue, as Billboards’ tracks are expected to make a dashing appearance in several contemporary music charts.

To receive news, updates and more information about Billboards, follow Remo on Facebook/RemonoSmith, Instagram/RemoThaWiseMan and SnapChat/RemoThaWiseMan.

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