D.D. Internethandel UG announces wall Nespresso capsule holder made of durable hard Plexi-Glass

Product helps coffee lovers neatly store coffee capsules like a wall hanging decoration

Today, D.D. Internethandel UG is proud to announce their new product, Wall Capsule Holder for Nespresso Capsules. The product, which is made of durable hard plexiglass, with transparent waterfall design, provides a simple, elegant and convenient storage for Nespresso capsules. When placed on the wall, it firmly attaches, with the laser cut ensuring that you don’t get hurt while using it. The product is big and lightweight, making it easy hold many capsules, and save plenty of kitchen space. The capsule holder is available on Amzon.com.

“As a coffee lover myself, I have always wanted a way to store Nespresso capsules in a neat, simple and accessible way. This product is designed to provide just that so coffee making can be fun finally. The plexiglass design is both an engineering marvel and design masterpiece. It is hard, durable and scratch resistant,” said Dietmar Dala, CEO.

The Nespresso capsule holder can be mounted on fridges, inside cupboards, walls or under the cabinet without the need for drilling or screws. The edges of the product are laser cut, making it a practical means to hold coffee capsules without the fear of an incident.

“I find the holder very useful. Before buying it, If usually had coffee capsules lying everywhere in the kitchen and creating a mess. I have tried many DIY options to solve the problem, but they just didn’t work too well. I am fascinated by the design and dimension of the holder. It is a brilliant work of art. Why didn’t I think about it? Great work there guys,” said Morris T, a customer.

The holder can be used for interior décor because of its beautiful design and transparent. The capsule holder is also the perfect gift for family and friends who love coffee and would like to improve on their experience and relationship with it. Also, the new model is Designed for Keurig Coffee Pods as well, so users can have even more benefits.

The capsule holder is also available on kickstarter.com

About D.D. Internethandel UG
The company manufactures and distributes top quality Nespresso capsule holders. Their product is perfectly designed, to ensure that customers get the best service. The capsule holder is available in different design pattern, and colors. For more information, please contact +49 1516 1543935, presse@meinkapselhalter.de, or visit www.meinkapselhalter.de

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