Focusky-the Best PowerPoint Alternative to Making a Free but Stunning Presentation

For those who want to make a presentation easier, as the best PowerPoint alternative, Focusky with shinning features is a right choice for them.

Many people use PowerPoint to make presentations in their everyday business or student life, but one online platform is making it easier than PowerPoint to create stunning presentations, for free.

Focusky, the best PowerPoint alternative, not only does it help users design presentations, but also it adds a variety of features that create stunning visual effects and further enhance the message. Digital presentations can then be easily distributed and shared online.

“We wanted to create a platform that enables presentations to be easily brought to life, allowing for interaction, amazing transitions and a host of other features to create, design, present and share” said Jason Chen, President of Focusky.

Focusky’s creating feature offers a number of ways to design and enhance the presentation. Setting the right tone, and making the presentation stand out is vital, so the numerous tools including a limitless canvas, zooming, background music and even multi-language support.

Bringing a presentation to life has never been easier, and the animation feature includes over 300 animation effects, which allows users to add Entrance, Emphasis or Exit Effects to their own presentations according to their specific needs. Also, users can create their own custom effect and apply it to individual path to make the presentation present in a unique way. It’s worth mentioning that hand drawn animation effect is quite magical to turn the boring content into an interesting one.

With Focusky, publishing a digital presentation is simple. Users can publish any presentation in HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP, MP4 or PDF format, which can be easily shared across a host of platforms, as well as being attached easily to emails or online sharing platforms.

In today’s digital world, online security is more important than ever, and the encryption settings are easy to use, protecting a presentation from unauthorized access. With this PowerPoint alternative, users don’t worry about the security of their published presentation any more.

Presenting any presentation is vital, and the Focusky facilitates this by allowing annotations to be added, keeping audiences focused. Well, in a world where everyone has access to a digital device, Focusky is mobile-ready and allows for online and offline presentation viewing anywhere.

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