Scottsdale\’s Signature Graphics Enters Exciting New Territory In The Vehicle Wrap Industry

November 7, 2016, Scottsdale, AZ, USA– Vehicle wrap company Signature Graphics, a local business active since 2008, is moving into some exciting new industry areas. While Signature Graphics started with advertising wraps for businesses and decorative wraps for consumers, founder Ken Johnson is expanding the company’s focus to include color change and race graphics wraps. He has also made plans to start creating wraps for small aircraft.

Arizona’s own Inde Motorsports Ranch has recently partnered with Signature Graphics. This has allowed Signature Graphics to get experience and clients producing vinyl wraps with racing graphics for motorsports cars. The company is excited to continue branching out into this area of the industry, and to continue their partnership with Inde Motorsports Ranch.

Signature Graphics’ plans don’t stop there, however. The company plans to introduce wraps for small aircraft within the next two months. Businesses large and small will soon be able to advertise not only through car and truck wraps by Signature Graphics, but in the sky as well. Ken Johnson and the rest of the team at Signature Graphics are sure this will offer businesses great exposure, allowing Signature Graphics to continue in their mission to provide them with the best return on investment—meaning Signature Graphics will help Arizona businesses make money through advertising like never before.

Signature Graphics’ small aircraft wrap services will also be available to individuals looking to make their personal aircraft more eye-catching and exciting—just as the company has helped various people in and around Phoenix to make their cars, trucks, boats, and RVs look more vibrant.

According to company’s owner Mr. Ken Johnson: “The company hopes to form relationships with more small and large local businesses than ever, while also attracting new private customers who want eye-catching custom vehicle wrap designs for racing, boating, or everyday driving.”

About Signature Graphics

Signature Graphics offers vehicle wrap services for business or pleasure, helping local businesses and individuals alike. They have been creating vibrant custom designs for cars, trucks, marine vehicles, and recreational vehicles since 2008. The company is headed by founder Ken Johnson, who has over ten years’ experience in the vinyl industry. For more information and free quotes, Johnson and his team may be contacted through Signature Graphics’ website:

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Company Name: Signature Graphics
Contact Person: Ken Johnson
Phone: (480) 736-1111
City: Scottsdale
State: AZ
Country: United States