November 07, 2016: Don Pump Performance has announced the launch of its training programs to develop an ultimate excellence in athletics. The training programs by Don Pump Performance will not only enhance the physical abilities of the individuals but will also give them a mental and psychological advantage over their competition. The world in the 21st century is all about competition and struggle and Don Pump Performance has just the right methodologies to do that. The chief coach of the program is Don himself and he has a skilled team working under his supervision to guarantee results.

There are two major types of the training programs offered by Don Pump Performance or DPP. The Combine Preparation and Testing Program is the main program and has a lot of evidential research behind it along with lab testing and data analysis procedures. Standard Athletic Protocol or SAT is followed among many other SOP’s in this program. All this is done to ensure that each athlete is giving the performance at their peak.

“We take pride in providing accurate, trusted, objective data for athletes to the people who need it the most. This starts with the athlete and extends through to parents, coaches, recruiters, scouts and trainers.” Said Coach Don while talking about his program. Athlete’s Biometric analysis offers coaches reference point measurements of the height, weight, wingspan, hand and size of each athlete performing. Moreover, tests such as skin fold caliper test offer additional information of the athlete’s body composition, chemistry and other stats.

Strength and Power Development Camp is another basic program offered by Don’s. It teaches the athletes about the fundamental elements of training and performance. Evidence based principles are implemented in this program to ensure quality and results. Moreover, maximizing performance and minimize injuries and failures are also the key goals of this program.

DPP offers customized training programs to educate and train athletes and these programs fill the athletes with passion and motivation. Training mind is equally important as training the body and the team of DPP completely acknowledges this fact. The highly skilled team makes sure that each body at work is taking the maximum input of training that results in the optimal output of performance. The reviews have been phenomenal and the results of the athletes have proven to be successful by this life changing experience.

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