November 7, 2016: Tammy Lattimore is a certified life coach and a notable member of International Coach Federation. Her work is different, and she has been performing miracles in the transformation of lives throughout her career. She specializes in helping people discover their true self as they face major transitions in life from divorce to starting college. The diversity in her work has made her one of the most illustrious names in life coaching arena. 

Tammy uses some techniques including a whole person approach, which helps her clients get the most out of their natural talents, and equips them with coping mechanisms to meet new challenges. Through her non-judgemental approach that promises to honor each individual’s uniqueness, she also identifies the skills that will guide their careers for decades to come.

“As a transition coach, I work with people of all ages who are experiencing major changes in their relationships, home, life, career, and finances. I offer a safe, compassionate, empathetic and non-judgemental supportive environment.” Says Tammy Lattimore. Her mission is to take people from where they are now and help them get to where they want to be in life.

Tammy does not use computerized tests and does not rely on machines to do her work. Instead, she takes clients through worksheet and discussion questions that really do reveal a person’s ‘true self.’ This non-traditional approach of hers makes her unique and makes a lot of people turn to her in the time of desperate need. Most people need a coach in difficult phases and she always steps up and takes some of the most challenging clients and helps them change their lives.

Tammy never backs up from any challenge, and she has different attractive coaching packages for all types of clients that are affordable for everyone. Anyone can meet Tammy in a complementary 30-minute video chat.She works with a diverse range of people, with varied interests, skills, and abilities. She has a simple 3-step process to solve the problems of her clients. In the first step, one has to fill out a form. In the second step, Tammy gives a 15-minute diagnostic call to the applicant. In the final step, she books a session to solve the problems people are facing finally.

“I help them integrate all the different things they love to do into a fulfilling life and career.” Said Tammy while talking about her clients. “The model for clarity and results is a sequential seven-step process to help my clients clarify and achieve their goals. I work with my clients to create a compelling vision. I sit down with my clients to create a compelling vision. I plan smart goals which are specific – concrete, tangible steps, and goals.” She added.

Website http://www.tammylattimorelifecoach.global/

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