The Kika lens turns iPhone into a professional camera, available on Kickstarter

Kika is the newly launched case cum lens that enhances the photographic abilities of iPhone and helps the user take high-quality pictures. The elegantly styled case also comes with an app with three styled lenses. The wide angle, macro, and circular polarizer lens also come with a Bluetooth connection and an app that can control shutter and exposure of the lens. This lens is developed to turn the iPhone into a professional camera.

Kika lens features a lightweight design with multiple functionalities. The 145-degree wide-angle lens allows the user to take landscape pictures with more clarity. This feature helps the user have a larger vision for photography and click professional camera like pictures. The Kika lens also features 15X magnifying capacity with unmatched clarity to click high resolution magnified pictures. This gives a boost to the photographic capabilities of iPhone and allows the user to explore the microscopic world such as clicking pictures of nature, animals, real life among others.

The Circular polarizer lens (CPL) of Kika reduces glare and increases texture which means the user can take clearer pictures in bright daylight or click a picture through a transparent glass without any reflections. The Bluetooth and app connection features mean that the user can control the functionalities of the case with a few clicks.

Kika uses professional grade lens which reduces glare by 25% and increases the transmission rate by 95%. The high quality and advanced lens are crafted through German engineering using lanthanum elements coated glass. The Kika lens can be used to click 1200 px photos and 4k videos.

The Kickstarter project of Kika has received a good response from the iPhone users all over the world. The fundraiser aims to reach a goal of $30,000 which will be utilized in the mass production and distribution of the product along with fulfilling the various perks offered through the crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.

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